Would I get a Rose from The Bachelor?

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Pictures-From-Bachelor-Australia-Season-2-Episode-2It’s been a cracking season on The Bachelor thus far, with an interesting mix of girls. Amber was my all time favourite. Her scheming, unapologetic bitchiness and the regular throwing of the toys out of the pram – miss her already! But Blake couldn’t “connect” with her…Boo! And sending her home before a single date AND before the formal rose ceremony? Ouch! And then there’s Laurina…Do you know she used to be a model? She delivered my all time favourite line to Amber: “So you do realise you’re projecting  your own fakeness on to me?” No, Laurina, I did not know someone could project fakeness on to another.  Well, now I do.

So, I’m not sure if anyone else plays this game (or watches The Bachelor with their husband who has the hots for Chantal, and male flat mate who has a thing for Lisa) but we often joke about this: If I was in fact part of this harem holed up in a sand-stone mansion in Hunter’s Hill – would I get a rose from that massive, velvety voiced glass of water Blake? The boys think I wouldn’t last 5 minutes. Harsh.335067-35339428-0fae-11e4-bbaf-47cb7c4f86b3

Well, looking at the present sitch, there are several things that wouldn’t bode well for me:

–  I don’t like fake tan.

–  I don’t wear strip fake lashes in the day.

– I only own two official cocktail dresses. He would tire of them very quickly. And my Camilla Kaftan options wouldn’t really cut it cocktail hour.

  –  The free-flowing beverages (unless of course it’s cheap sparkling) would inevitably be my downfall. I would always “accidentally” drink too much and possibly over compensate while “thinking” I was absolutely hilarious.  tb2-top12-with-new-girls-7625

–  I would not be able to feign care-factor of the other girls who could be a punish (Laurina).

– My normal at home attire is flannelette owl-print pyjama pants teamed with a striped top and Ugg boots.  This would have to change significantly.

– I hate small talk.

– I’d be so bored, I would be making up the other girls all day and therefore they would look way hotter than they deserve – Blake wouldn’t even see me!

– I don’t like sharing dessert so I’m guessing I wouldn’t like sharing Blake.


But then again….

– I don’t like fake tan.

– I don’t wear strip fake lashes in the day.

– I’m great company (if I don’t say so myself) – quite playful and fun. And I would NEVER say crap like: “I’m deep” before handing Blake a letter outlining why I’m so deep. (Seriously Katrina? Could that be why you didn’t get a rose?)

– Being just that little bit older (cougar years), I  know a thing or two on how to connect with young Blake. I would just ask him all about himself for at least the first 5 minutes. It would be magic.

– I would give him space. Because men like space.



Well, as you can see Glams, the jury is certainly out on this one. And the real shame is… we will just never know.


Please Glams, share with me your thoughts on The Bachelor. Who do you think is in the running? Who will be out next week? Could you also score a rose?

Can’t wait for 7:30pm tonight….Mwaaahhhh.x


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