When Did Size 8 Become Plus Size?

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To clarify, I’m referring to an American size 8 which equates to about an Australian size 12, but still!! Plus size is a huge label to be placing on a size 12 (pardon the pun). Beyoncé Knowles, Khloe Kardashian, Sophia Vegara, Tyra Banks, and the simply divine Kate Upton (whom I wish to look like on a good day) are all size 12.These women are BEAUTIFUL; they are REAL, and damn it they are SEXY! I’m not trying
to criticize thin women in anyway. If that is what you’re Mama gave you, embrace it and flaunt it. However, if you’re not the Victoria’s Secret ideal with long legs that start at your neck, a high perky butt, or a golden tan that outshines the sun (and conceals the cellulite), you too, for all you were blessed with, are perfect.
My favourite story that has been circulating during Fashion Week has come from former anorexic-come-plus-sized-model Crystal Renn. Crystal has announced she endeavours to create a clothing line to accommodate “body diversity” – a.k.a  bodies that don’t appear on the runway. In an interview for Net-A-Porter’s magazine THE EDIT, Crystal revealed her desire to step away from the limelight and venture into design. Her motivation comes from years in the modelling industry where she worked and battled with anorexia.


In her book, Hungry, published in 2010, she chronicles her long struggle with her eating disorder and the freedom found by allowing herself to feel secure at her ‘natural weight’. After making the decision to move into plus size modelling (again a mere size 12), Renn’s career finally took off, making her an international name and landing her coveted campaigns with Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Paul Gautier and Zac Posen.


It seems that Crystal can empathize with women of all shapes and sizes, as she fluctuated between a size 00 to a size 16 at her heaviest. After an agonising battle with her own body image, it comes as no surprise that she would make the perfect ambassador for a fashion line designed to embrace and celebrate all women, real women, and the beautiful bodies they possess.


Cheers to you Miss Renn!




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