When Bad Makeup Happens to Beautiful People

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So you’re a Bond girl, a true bona fide Glamazon, it’s the world première of Skyfall – your debut into Bondhood, and you’re about take to the red carpet like a true bombshell. You’re wearing an incredible Vivienne Westwood, siren red couture gown that hugs your every curve and cups your ample bosom seductively, hair in a loose elegant chignon, accessorised perfectly with a drop earring in 18ct white gold, hematite and white diamonds with matching ring (possibly to the value of a small continent) – I mean you are the WHOLE package. That is until your make-up artist decides to play it experimental with the eyeshadow and robs you just a smidge of your natural glory with a strange mélange of teal green and burgundy eyeshadow circa 1987 – stifling the splendour of your almond shaped golden-brown eyes. Of course, I’m referring to the incredible looking Berenice Marlohe who still looked breathtaking even with such questionable eye shadow. Being a make-up artist, this MAC counter make-up look made me sigh, as I’ve seen such make-up crimes so many times before. Fabulous dress and hair – shocking make-up. If only I had been flown First Class to London (look, I’d do Business, let’s be honest) to attend to the divine Berenice. I’m seeing a classic smokey mahogany and bronze eye. Or maybe something similar to what I did for Sonia Kruger at the Logies (just saying).
Many of us, and rightly so, get our locks attended to by our trusted hairdresser when hit with a special occasion but quite often are left to our own devices when it comes to the face. And this is where it can all come undone. So how does one approach the make-up palette when frocked to the nines and about to make a statement at a wedding, ball or red carpet event?

Here, are my tips for evening make-up:

– So you’ve got the spray tan, but you still reach out for the dirty old foundie that you wear to work every day? Wrong. It is imperative, and especially when summer is nearly upon us, to get a golden toned foundation that is going to match your tan. Beige face; tanned body equals bad look.

– Eyes: You’ve got your ball-gown on and now it’s time to pile on the eye make-up as it is night time after all? Well, I like to think of your look – dress, accessories, hair and make-up as the sum of many parts; so a few things need to be considered. Is your dress and hair doing the talking? Meaning, an understated yet polished eye, could be the order of the evening. Do you suit lashings of dark eye-make-up? Or does such heavy handedness make you look possibly transgender? Will you be more suited to perhaps a statement lip rather than vampy eyes? But if you do want to go there, opt for long-wear products like Bobbi Brown, By Terry Cream, MAC cream eye shadows and gel eyeliners. So you can achieve a strong look without piling on lots of powdery eyeshadows (messy), and that will wear well the whole night.

– Lips and Cheeks: Sure, there are times when you can go for both a strong eye and a strong lip, but only few can pull this off successfully, and again, you don’t want to be competing with the gown (sum of many parts). If you have previously looked like you’ve already hit the tiles for the night after attempting a smokey eye, how about focusing on the perfect foundation, some golden toned bronzer to warm around the face (contouring cheekbones and forehead), and a divine blush in a crème or a slight shimmer. If you have pale to dark olive skin tones, I would be opting for pinky, peachy coloured tones with a sheen to add a glamorous glisten to the cheeks. Then top off the look with a fabulous statement lip. Stunning!
Remember, you want to look like you’re going out for the night, not a lady of the night. So looking polished and healthy can win over looking overdone.
Of course, you can always just call me, and for a smallish fee, I’ll come over and do your make-up over a few Champagnes…now there’s a suggestion.

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