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Glammies, we would like to introduce you to a near and dear family friend who we affectionately call Aunt Glam – and yes I know what your thinking – the likeness to an old Hollywood glamour is more than co-incidental (thank you Dr Lim). She was a huge Dynasty fan at the time.

When Aunt Glam isn’t working-out to her Jane Fonda video, grooming her beloved Bischon, Zsa Zsa or recruiting new pool-boys, she is sipping on a low-cal Brandy Alexander and contemplating the best way to answer your questions: the niggling ones that you thought no one cared to know. These are the ones she likes the best. And if there is one thing I know about Aunt Glam, she is one hell of a straight-shooter. She knows her eyeliner from her hair-tong… So don’t be shy, pour your heart out and ask Aunt Glam – when only the truth will do.

Email your questions (there is nothing too pesky or personal – we are among friends): info@glammeup.com.au

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