The Zuckerberg Wedding

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I must get something off my chest: I think we may have spent more money on our wedding eight years ago than Mark Zuckerberg spent on his wedding last week.

Let’s get some perspective here: Mark Zuckerberg is worth an estimated $17 billion. My mind seems not to process above $1 billion, (I kind of imagine $100 notes filling large rooms) – and my net worth – well, I’m a make-up artist who has married a carpenter – you do the math.

So it’s with immense incredulity that I gaze at the “Exclusive Photos” of Mark and Priscilla Zuckerburg’s “low-key” backyard wedding. Sure, it’s nice enough, but it does appear as though it could be a shindig in Cromer at any given weekend. I’ve spied not even a chair cover. Not a marquee. No ice sculptures. No “His” and “Her” thrones. No menagerie of butterflies, doves or any other exotic animal. I daresay, I bet they didn’t even do bonbonerie. Quelle horreur! Is it possible that they also may have even skimped on Champers? Or am I just letting my imagination run wild? Some sparkling from The Napper instead of vintage Dom Perignon? Mais non! And to top it off, Missy clearly bought off the rack and for under $5000. I mean you couldn’t bag a dirty old Alex Perry for that little!

So I guess the question, Warren Buffet and friends, is why do occasionally people with oodles of money just want to “shop around Target” and drive an old car? When I, on the other hand, have my face pressed up to the window of Bulgari at any given opportunity, eyeing off a statement piece that would take me two lifetimes to buy, then fantasise about First Class travel. (Can we life-swap?)
And don’t get me wrong, I love that these guys are noble in their philanthropy and their “simple” tastes – bravo – but not letting one’s head go just a tad for The Big Day?

I seem not to comprehend, and now I’ve got “if-it-was-my-wedding-and-I-had-that-much-dough” head on: A wedding in Positano would be stunning. Or maybe a Chateau in Loire Valley, France or why not the totally opulent Versaille? Now we’re talking – of course Prince would be on the piano. And I don’t mind the odd fire-work extravaganza. I mean, I could think of a billion (pardon the pun) more exciting ways to wed. But that’s not the point, is it?
Lovely Zuckerburgs don’t mind me and my wild speculation about what was probably a beautiful day of nuptials that you celebrated with close friends and family – your way. Your “simple” way. And how lovely. Lovely that, even though you could have had your wedding in a palace, or an exotic island like Bora Bora – flying all your friends and accommodating them in over-water bungalows (giving them a holiday too)….here I go again.

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