The Holiday: Los Angeles

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20141130_190846Our arrival to LA was marred by our first on-flight fight. Yes, we were THAT couple. Shame. It all started out as quite the cracker of a Premium Economy *Qantas journey. Our lead-wristed, have-a-chat stewardess was also quite the hoot (she could make a G & T alright). But maybe her enthusiastic pouring of a delicious 2010 Chardonnay (“You’ve got to finish the bottle…”) and quite possibly an overreaction by a certain hormonal someone, led to quite the on-air barney.

After a stoney silent taxi ride to Hollywood, we arrived, not our best shiney selves, to our Airbnb apartment after 11pm. (There may have been another “misunderstanding” on the street but who’s counting).

At some ungodly hour, we awoke to a death defying, high pitched ringing sound. It was the building’s fire alarm that was so head-splittingly loud…it sent me reeling. This happened 3 out of 4 mornings (always around 4:30am) of our stay in LA.

So, along with the incessant & uncharacteristic rain, L.A was shaping up to be the meltdown, regroup emotionally, laying low part of the voyage. This was further symobolised by the fact that I wore an apricot and beige Juicy Couture velour tracksuit ensemble IN PUBLIC and it felt…right.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

On our very first morning, when we came to the stark realisation that our “dining options” meant exiting the apartment, we discovered that we were staying just off the Hollywood Walk of Fame AND we noticed that there was a red carpet, security and a small crowd swelling outside a restaurant. It was the public viewing area for the Walk of Fame Star Ceremony for the Austrian actor Christoph Waltz – today was his turn to be part of the over 2500 stars on The Walk of Fame. IMG_20141201_151131He has always been the standout in every movie I’ve seen him in – Quentin Tarrintino’s Inglorious Bastards, Django Unchained and Water for Elephants, so it was great to be amongst the relatively small crowd, including Quentin Tarrantino and Samuel L. Jackson that witnessed this special moment for him.



After that fine Hollywood intro, we continued with this theme and impulsively hopped on a tour that snaked through Hollywood homes. This was fun. We saw the Hefner mansion, the home where Michael Jackson died, the massive house where Beverly Hillbillies’ was filmed…it was cool. Unfortunately, we were incapable of making the commitment to the Universal Studios tour. Next time.

Dropping the Ball

The next couple of days were spent kind of milling about – but there were so many things I didn’t do and people I didn’t meet (Tania- sorry love). I didn’t even have the energy to pursue a booking at Curtis Stone’s restaurant Maude’s. Because, amongst other obstacles, I had a strong feeling that I wouldn’t be able to wear my velour tracksuit and that felt…wrong.

We meandered through Rodeo Drive on another of the rainy days, but at this stage, I was suffering severe fashion fatigue.  I had run out of clothes, and would need a new outfit to turn the frown upside down. Unsuccessful shopping ensued. It just wasn’t going to happen. I should never have gotten out of the velour.

American Fare

One Thanksgiving meal in New York was simply not enough. Fortunately, we stumbled on this great big typical American restaurant called Marie Callender’s Grill on one of the wet and rainy days. We had the most gorgeous waiter and I smashed a proper turkey meal. And finished it off with Key Lime pie. It was delishy!20141201_151507

Also, we had to try In and out Burger. Kind of a way better McDonalds and by far the cheapest meal we had on the whole holiday. Where else but L.A. would we comfortably eat cheesy fries with bits of bacon?


It was here that we discovered the awesomeness of Uber. So cheap. So accessible.  And it saved us bothering with a hire car and the driving on the wrong side of the road with the other crazies of LA. But because of this, we didn’t feel that we had the same connection with the peeps like in NYC where we caught the subway. Unfortunately, with L.A., they don’t have the same subway sitch, so it’s drive or be damned.


American Television

As both hub and I work at Channel Nine, we are always interested in what’s on the teeve. At the time there were new women surfacing who had been allegedly drugged and raped by Bill Cosby, there were protests in New York after a grand jury announced police would not face trial over the death of Eric Garner (#Icantbreath) AND there were those American pharmaceutical commercials. We thought at first we were watching a parody of a drug commercial. I mean who would buy a blood pressure tablet with such warnings? “If you suffer heart palpitations, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, cramping of the hands, double vision, ringing in the ears, hallucinations, brain bleed, or grow a second head then immediately stop taking advertised drug…”

Seriously, I could watch American drug commercials all day. And, because of other such informative/entertaining commercials, I now know what law firm to call if I have complications with my Transvaginal Mesh placement. Phew!

Next Stop: Solvang


* Keep your eye open for the 2 for 1 Qantas sale in January. We got our tix at a steal during this sale.





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