The HcG Diet – Day 6

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So, the weekend, which is normally peppered (saturated) with the odd glass(es) of Champagne, bottles of red wine shared with friends over platters of crusty bread smothered in soft cheese; perhaps a little adventure to a restaurant or café for a tasty je ne sais quoi and the odd almond croissant for breakfast, was replaced by the very serious and extremely anti-social: HcG Diet.

20140815_144940I turned down a lunch invitation. I ate steamed bok choy and poached chicken for dinner with a glass of water. And I may have snapped at my husband because he had the audacity to ask me to pour him a SECOND goblet of Shiraz. Still, I’ve (we’ve) survived and I’m now on Day 6. And yes I have whined, bitched and moaned about the diet to anyone who will listen – ashamed of myself really, that I’ve been tantalised yet again by the words: “rapid weight loss”. Yet, I have to confess, I do feel quite spritely. Also, the second head I grew over the weekend has retreated (for now), as I find myself being able to fit comfortably in my skinny(er) jeans and there could be the absence of a double chin. That’s right, friends: a 3 kilo weight loss in several days. Oh I can hear you naysaying from here: Aren’t you just going to put the weight back on when you return to your normal high-fluting, champagne swelling lifestyle? Probably. Best that one is not delusional on her 2000th diet. But, then again, don’t knock till you’ve tried it.

Here’s the lowdown: HcG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that becomes naturally elevated in pregnant woman. It controls metabolic function through the hypothalamus throughout the pregnancy process. So, you take it in a drop form 3 times a day and it’s THE ONLY WAY that you are able to adhere to the ridiculous 500 calorie a day eating plan. That’s right people; I am eating like an Olsen twin. The HcG bioenergetic drops break down fat stores and allow them to be burned to keep the body functioning well, even though there are little calories ingested. And most importantly, HcG bioenergetic drops also keep your appetite in check so your times of being ravenous are fairly manageable. This Olsen Twin phase is 21 days. You then go onto a maintenance program of another 21 days. I’ll let you know if I make it.
What I am Eating : Protein shake with strawberries and blueberries for breakfast made with water, blackish coffee, prawns, steamed fish and poached chicken in miniscule portions AND greens with NO OIL (I do miss lashings of olive oil and avocado), rice crackers with tomatoes, and the most exciting part of the day: an apple. The drops definitely keep you less crazy-hungry for delicious food. Thankfully, because you won’t be eating any.

20140817_192656Do I fantacise about food like a freak? :  I’m not going to lie: the weekend was tough. There were moments when I just wanted to smear my body with truffle and porcini mushroom butter while guzzling a “glass” of Pinot. But now, day 6, I feel like I have so much more to do other than eat. My focus has shifted. And I’m not feeling psychotically hungry.

How Do I feel? : What I’ve noticed the most since being on the HcG is the absence of my previously achey joints. I was becoming really stiff and for ages was promising myself a massage, yoga or both. But now I just don’t have that disturbing geriatric feel to my body. In fact, I have more energy and just want to hit a hard-core training regime. Although strenuous exercise isn’t recommended on this phase of the diet, I’m soon going to start yoga or Pilates, as I feel very inclined to get in shape.
Even though I do have more energy, I’m also spent by around 9pm. My eyes have been feeling quite watery and look a little rough. Maybe all the crap is coming out in my peepholes? There are also the intolerant times, when I become…snappy.
But on the whole…I feel good.

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