The Grand Budapest Hotel

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This movie made me smile. Last night, nestled in the leather recliner under the cool breeze of the new air conditioner (there is now a delicious chill to the air at Chez Hall) we watched the INCREDIBLE The Grand Budapest Hotel. Why I didn’t run to the theatre when it was released last year is a mystery. gbh-pic-1Wes Anderson’s masterpiece is an absolute feast for the eyes. Words don’t come close to describing how beautiful each frame of this film is. It’s of no surprise that it’s up for best Production Design, Cinematography, Costume Design and Hair and Makeup Styling at tomorrow night’s Oscars. But most importantly, it s also a contender for Best Picture. grand-budapest-hotel-cast-of-characters-trailer

The adventures of the charming, well-mannered, first-class concierge M. Gustave played by Ralph Fiennes, who always goes that extra mile, are also quite the ride. And, as is the tradition in a Wes Anderson extravaganza, there is a cast bristling with many familiar Hollywood faces. Who wouldn’t want to be part of this sumptuous moving feast?

With it’s beauty and shadows of grandeur, I longed to experience The Grand Budapest Hotel and the hospitality of the debonair M. Gustave…what an era.

The competition is stiff but this is definitely my pick for Best Picture.




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