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DutchessWe saw; we marvelled; we conquered…
Bravo Royal family for a spectacular wedding! And Kate: Wowser!
Lurvved the dress; although poached nearly entirely from Princess Grace circa 1956 (who could blame her; best wedding dress of all time; of all time). She was sooo poised…the posture on it…the composure…but alas, I feel she did do her own make-up.
Yep…a little heavy handed on the blush…
I would have loved to have seen a professional bring out those eyes sans navy blue Kohl pencil but still…stuuunning!
And Pip…nearly stole the show in that incredible dress. Cut like a dream & helped further by her enviable toned body.
An athletic looking bunch the Middletons…very easy on the eye. Good news Wil- Mum’s still hot (like you didn’t notice). And let’s not forgot the brother; further testament to that cracking Middleton gene pool.
Some notable Faux Pas…

Eugene & Beatrice: Shocking. They looked Like they were going to fancy dress party as Fergie (oh the irony).
Princess Anne: Awful. Plain awful. But no surprises there…
The Queen: As far as my grandmother is concerned-looked dreadful in yellow (tricky colour to wear).
Chelsey Davies: Rough as guts. Like she had been drinking Chandon sparkling at Randwick races all day…frightful.
Cathy Lette (Channel 9 coverage): Vulgar. Too old & inappropriate to be wearing a dress around her bot. She looked tragic -desperately  holding  onto a bygone era. Two words: move on.
Mama Middleton: Truly elegant. Lovely colour, cut & really…she’s in great nick.
Julia Gillard: I thought looked lovely. Oyster & navy is a safe option for a Royal Wedding. She scrubbed up well.
Posh: Demure & stylish in navy with great head-wear & a chic pony. Plus-that tall glass of water next to her; the perfect accessory.
Camilla: I really thought she looked quietly stylish in that oyster/champagne combo. I also really loved her hat…she does choose well in that department.
Lisa Wilkinson (Channel 9 coverage): Amazing Lis…really on the mark. Classy & contemporary.
And last but certainly not least –
Prince Harry: Dashing in his uniform…that cheeky smile…watch this space ladies.

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