The Bachelor Has Feelings Too

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What a brilliant week of post Bachelor scandal it’s been. However, I am a little disappointed that it looks like Blake hasn’t impregnated one of the girls (Jess) as was murmured. THAT would have put #TheBachlorAu on the map WORLDWIDE. Sad face. And it would have been the stuff of Channel10’s wildest fanatsies. Can you imagine?But seriously, Blake…Blake, Blaaaake maaate. I have been defending you but you’re not making this easy. It’s that syrupy proposal that’s been your undoing. The one “where you were never more sure of anything in your life.” I smelt a rat even from the comfort of my recliner. There was no chemistry between you and Sam. She wasn’t the one. Nor was Lisa. Jess was close. Ok, so she was possibly a sex worker with commitment issues. But like you should talk. Hello male stripper.628129-c099845e-4a0b-11e4-93fc-034ed4e7c660

And it appears you regretted this move pretty much immediately after the cameras stopped rolling. Poor Sam! All ready for the pre-honeymoon in South Africa for the first 2 nights of a life-time of one-on-one dates, she was left in tatters as you retreated to your man-cave. Obviously, needing time to come to terms with the ridiculousness that you had such committed. Yep. It was one of those massive: What-have-I-done moments.Unknown-1

Changing your mind is something I can relate to. So is getting swept away in the frivolity of it all. Even though all 30 girls knew the deal when they signed up – the possibility for utter heartbreak and humiliation  – they took a punt for “love”. Blake, also out for his pound of bacon, and of course looking for luuurve, was well aware of the dealio too. Yet knowing something and experiencing it are two different things. Peeps, we know this is “reality” teeve but whatever puppetry the producers are pulling – the inescapable fact is: we’re dealing with real-life feelings here. These kids have FEELINGS. And not just the harem of Stockholm Syndrome effected ladies. Even Blake. Yep, Blake has feelings too. And I really FEEL that he has copped an absolute backlash for something that we all have done to some degree – getting caught up in a moment, letting our heads go and wanting something to be what it isn’t.

I don’t want to throw B a pity party but I don’t think he’s a douche-bag. There I said it. In fact, I think he could be of the Caramello Koala variety (gooey in the centre), and was swept away with Sam’s beautiful family values, her loyalty, and her endearing goofiness – so he chose her for good solid reasons. But it wasn’t there. The magic – it just wasn’t. And a $50,000 diamond engagement ring from Bunda wasn’t going to make that magic and sparky connection you need in spades for marriage, happen.910544-cc2eb1f4-2ff8-11e4-aafa-2c4cfd90ea1d

So Glams, we bid farewell to a craaacking season of The Bachelor. It was even more than we had hoped for. So much more. And Blake, if you’re out there, I get it. Because when the party is over and the sun comes up … you can change your mind.

Glams, fellow Bach friends, talk to me. Am I the only woman in Australia throwing Blake a bone?




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