Amal Clooney Crushing

Surely, I’m not alone in confessing: I’m crushing on Amal Alamaddin big time. With her naturally gorgeous exotic looks, mane of dark glossy hair, innate elegance, petite frame that looks amazing clothed in couture, AND an internationally acclaimed human rights lawyer to boot – hello total package! Is George Clooney punching above his weight?  Continue reading

The Ultimate Bridal Look

The Look: Jess wanted to look fresh, pretty yet glamorous for the big day.

Base: She has great skin, so I wanted a foundation that would provide a flawless, long-wearing finish that still showcased her complexion. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H is that foundation. Continue reading

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The Zuckerberg Wedding

I must get something off my chest: I think we may have spent more money on our wedding eight years ago than Mark Zuckerberg spent on his wedding last week.

Let’s get some perspective here: Mark Zuckerberg is worth an estimated $17 billion. My mind seems not to process above $1 billion, (I kind of imagine $100 notes filling large rooms) – and my net worth – well, I’m a make-up artist who has married a carpenter – you do the math.

So it’s with immense incredulity that I gaze at the “Exclusive Photos” of Mark and Priscilla Zuckerburg’s “low-key” backyard wedding. Sure, it’s nice enough, but it does appear as though it could be a shindig in Cromer at any given weekend. Continue reading

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Brides Behaving Badly: Part Two

Fake Tan

Despite my warnings to Bridey at the trial, who may have a delightful peaches and cream complexion, I will inevitably turn up on The Day to find the entire bridal party the colour of a  pole-dancing troupe. In fact, it’s safe to say, I have done more tandori-coloured bridal parties than eaten hot lunches. I now bring a selection of yellowy/orange foundations to tackle this very issue. Continue reading

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Brides Behaving Badly: Part One

As most make-up artists will tell you, we are neck-deep in Bridal season. And don’t get me wrong, I lurve me a wedding – being a part of a special occasion, making everyone look amazing and receiving much adulation for doing so; but then there’s also the times of ‘putting-out-fires’ with soothing words of reason, garnished from eons of experience.

I did a wedding last week that required these very skills. Yet despite my calm demeanor and the learned ability, when the poop-hits-the-fan, to just switch off and enter the tranquil place – where the only thing that really matters is blending that eye-shadow to absolute perfection; these crazy-cats nearly pushed this cool customer over. And I’m pretty sure the old-school Hungarian hairdresser is now a brickies labourer somewhere far, far away. Continue reading

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‘Offspring’ – Being Bridely

If you’re not an ‘Offspring’ fan, I have one word for you – Why?

It’s with great sadness that we’ve had to bid farewell to another cracking season laced with high drama, love and more drama. And just when you thought it couldn’t get better; a wedding but not just any old wedding – a ‘Proudman’ wedding.

Billie Proudman (played by Kat Stewart), made an exquisite bride in her jaw-dropping J’Aton dress, teamed with elegant hair and fresh, pretty make-up. But it was her ‘Brideliness’ that was the real tour-de-force. As Billie knows, when the going gets tough, the tough get Bridely. Continue reading

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The Duchess of Cambridge…

DutchessWe saw; we marvelled; we conquered…
Bravo Royal family for a spectacular wedding! And Kate: Wowser!
Lurvved the dress; although poached nearly entirely from Princess Grace circa 1956 (who could blame her; best wedding dress of all time; of all time). She was sooo poised…the posture on it…the composure…but alas, I feel she did do her own make-up.
Yep…a little heavy handed on the blush…
I would have loved to have seen a professional bring out those eyes sans navy blue Kohl pencil but still…stuuunning!
And Pip…nearly stole the show in that incredible dress. Cut like a dream & helped further by her enviable toned body.
An athletic looking bunch the Middletons…very easy on the eye. Good news Wil- Mum’s still hot (like you didn’t notice). And let’s not forgot the brother; further testament to that cracking Middleton gene pool.
Some notable Faux Pas… Continue reading
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Royal Wedding Madness…

Dutchess of CambridgeWell it’s been a week of it hasn’t it? Royal Wedding pandemonium!
And like when I got engaged & overnight became addicted to the purchasing of Bridal magazines, I seem to have fallen in the same trap when it comes to watching Royal Wedding coverage…I’m recording Today show people! Not to mention  ACA (loving Ita & Trace) & Bio specials…it’s not right. Suffice to say, I am devo  that I’m not there in London rubbbing shoulders with the true fanatics, who have set up shop lining streets in tent towns. I think possibly they’re cute from a far (from my leather lounge lets say) but far from cute.
Still, something in me wants to cover myself in Union Jacks & wear a Kate mask with the eyes cut out. Call me crazy…
Amidst the insights from Royal watchers… Continue reading
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