How-To: Glamorous Makeup While Sailing

Is it just me or has everyone got friends who are either on vacance, or just about to hit the road, plane, yacht or ALL THREE! Take my friend Fiona for instance – she is soon to fly to Croatia, where she will be boarding a yacht from Hvar Island then island hopping around several archipelagos before finishing her trip in Portugal, Casablanca, Marrakesh and Morocco. Hideous! Couldn’t think of anything worse. Continue reading

How-To do Beach Makeup

20141215_134607Glams, it’s all very well when you’re young and fresh to saunter down to the beach/pool sans face. If only! But when you’re in your 40’s, that natural, sun-kisssed look doesn’t come so effortlessly. In today’s tutorial, filmed on my last day of The Holiday at Secrets of the Vine Cancun (best resort ever), I show you my beach face. This make-up also doubled up nicely as extra sun protection (God forbid my pigmentation got darker). So, Glams do enjoy. And have a great holiday! Continue reading

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The Holiday – New York

IMG_2749Glams, I’m on my LAST DAY of the much anticipated, much talked about one-month vacance to the States. My grandiose plan of blogging every adventure, very much like the plan of exercising every morning, was loose at best. Yet, why must all good things come to such a rapid end? Even so, it feels like a mini lifetime ago, the night in November that we stepped of the plane to a chilly New YorkContinue reading

I Heart Melboune

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Post Holiday Pick-Me-Up

Post holiday, I often feel something is missing from my life, and I attempt to replace those vacation endorphins with whatever will do the trick. And no, it cannot be churros Renee.

I know! Skincare! Since returning from the vacance, I look in the mirror and I see dehydration. I see fine lines. I see dullness.  Continue reading

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Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Glammies, I am home! And after a week of the most shocking jetlag (waking up at 1am and turning into a psychotic by midday), I now feel somewhat like a human. Albeit a chubby human. And yes I did survive another heinous economy flight (thanks for asking) where I suffered acute FOMO (fear of missing out) as I shuffled past the reclining cocoons of Business Class. There may have been some thinly veiled desperation in my polite yet friendly question to the could-be-friend-for-life Emirates check-in lady: “Any chance of an upgrade today?” (Face clenched in a smile).

But before I move onto the business of beauty and the like there are still two destinations of my vacance, dear Glammies that you’re yet to experience. Indulge me…. Continue reading

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Pitter-Pattering In Paris

Well, I am soon to burst out of my plus-sized jeans
with the daily onslaught of pastries, baguettes smothered in that delicieux french butter, cheese and wine. I may have also taken up smoking by proxy due to my love of people watching while dining or wining at Brasseries.
This is my last night in Paris and after 6 days I feel practically part of the furniture despite my colourful version of the language – an enchanting fusion of French and English – the Parisians love it! (Yes Glammies I am blogging in real time now. Please excuse the technical difficulties evident in the last update – bloody Ipad). Continue reading

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It’s not all long lunches and candlelit dinners when you’re on vacance. Travelling with your beloved can sometimes bring out your snipey best. If there is anything that is going to push one over while shuffling luggage bulging to its capacity is a last minute shop that causes one to narrowly miss a train (and to swear like a trucker), a pre-booked car that is a no-show,a padlock on a bag that now refuses to obey last entered code, no credit on the phone – I mean these are the things that can seem small in one’s own locale but as soon as you go international, these are the things that can be your very undoing – until that is, your en route with a drink in hand laughing at your most recent tantrum. Continue reading

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Dearest Glammies, apologies for being out of commish lately but I’ve been travelling with the hub on our much anticipated European jaunt. (He wouldn’t let me bring my laptop so I’ve been suffering the non-blog friendly Ipad ever since -grrr).

We barely survived an Emirates Economy flight to London via Dubai (FYI: catching a 6am flight and getting to the airport at 3am having not slept is a BAD idea). And I do find Economy air travel so very soul destroying. I mean you are really faced with the grim reality of your present socio-economic status. Yes, sure, I am grateful that I have the means to actually board the plane but bloody hell, why can’t I be travelling Business Class!

Continue reading

New York Stylin’

Why hello there Glammies! Renee checking in from fabulous NYC. What a time I have had! Inbetween the tacos, the dogs, the pancakes…I don’t even know what day it is! Nevertheless I have powered on and continue to purchase an item almost every 20 minutes. Nothing quite like the shopping in New York! Continue reading