The Great Australian Dream

Last Saturday, the hub and I attended an auction for a rather cool, architecturally designed house circa 1956 in Lane Cove. It was a 3-week process that brought us to that point – a total fixer upper, we fantasised on what part of the modestly estimated 200 thousand dollar reno we would undertake first. Well, surely it would be the dodgy asbestos lined, uninsulated “master suite and adjoining room”. We met the former tenants who confirmed that this upper living area was in fact totally unliveable, unless you wanted to sweat buckets in summer or freeze to death in winter. Continue reading

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Moving On Up

Glammies, I am still alive. Just. Two weeks after the amazing Hawaiian vacance (miss you Hawaii), our house that we had nestled into quite comfortably; within 6 months filling all of the 3 bedrooms, acquiring the crazy yet loveable Romanian in the granny-flat (how I will miss her accent – never quite mastered it), was SOLD! Continue reading

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Fool’s Paradise

Glammies, I have indeed been M.F.B. A – missing from blog action. The reason for this absence: Moving. Need I say more.

Finding a house in Sydney that you want to live in AND can afford is a little bit like looking for a husband in a hazy nightclub. Unlikely. Continue reading

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