How-To: Glamorous Makeup While Sailing

Is it just me or has everyone got friends who are either on vacance, or just about to hit the road, plane, yacht or ALL THREE! Take my friend Fiona for instance – she is soon to fly to Croatia, where she will be boarding a yacht from Hvar Island then island hopping around several archipelagos before finishing her trip in Portugal, Casablanca, Marrakesh and Morocco. Hideous! Couldn’t think of anything worse. Continue reading

How-To: Get the Healthy Skin Look

20150107_173720Hi Glams. Welcome to the first tutorial of 2015! And, if you’re anything like me, you’ve had quite the time of it. The social drinking, the “sometimes”eating all the time, and other shenanigans of The Holiday Season has possibly left your skin looking less than its shiney best. Fear not friends, today I show you a new product and a couple of techniques to make your skin look way better than it deserves. Enjoy! Continue reading

How-To: Faux the Glow

20140929_125156Glams, with the sultry months of spring finally upon us, and long summer days just a mere wink away – it is high time to get our glow on. And sometimes (most times) this means faking it till you make it. So, get ahead of the game, and learn in today’s tutorial, how with a smattering of shimmery bronze-type products, you can faux the summer-time glow. Continue reading

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