Post Holiday Pick-Me-Up

Post holiday, I often feel something is missing from my life, and I attempt to replace those vacation endorphins with whatever will do the trick. And no, it cannot be churros Renee.

I know! Skincare! Since returning from the vacance, I look in the mirror and I see dehydration. I see fine lines. I see dullness.  Continue reading

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Beauty Mineral…Fresh From the Dead Sea

Dead Sea“Please, I have something very special for you. Have you heard of the Dead Sea?” asks the pony-tailed Israelite who was preying on the most vulnerable looking female in a 10 metre radius: me.

Normally, I manage to pry myself away from these lotharios who seem to be multiplying by the day; & will be soon stationed at a Beauty Minerals stand in a shopping centre near you. But today…

“Please, I need to see your eyes.” Continue reading

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