Going for Gold with my Fave Primer of the Mo

How does one make small talk with an Olympic athlete? This was the conundrum I found myself in a couple of days ago when I was commissioned to make-up 11 Olympic athletes.

Normally, I fancy myself as being quite the have-a-chat and with all walks of life, (being a make-up artist and all), yet on this occasion, I found myself conversationally stumped. Nada. Nothing to offer. Continue reading

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Sephora Brands Showcase

Well, I had quite the time of it at Sephora’s Brands Showcase on Tuesday.  It was a lovely intimate affair, where one could just saunter casually, green juice in hand, from one brand to the next, learning about about their latest products.

Here are the ones that floated my boat: Continue reading

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This Week’s Makeup Adventures

beautyplus_shareThis week I have been working on a reality show (deets cannot be revealed at this time), however I can share a product discovery – Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes. Who knew that these double-sided wipes could be just the ticket to exfoliate the puckers? Continue reading

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Josie Maran Argan Tinted Moisturizer

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How-To: Everyday Makeup in Your 40s

20140828_131706Now that you’re in your 40s, you may have discovered the hard way that the halcyon days of exiting the house wearing only sunscreen and a smile is long behind you. That ship, my friends, has sailed. But being older, also means, we are sooo busy! Who has the time to put on a face? You do!

Glams, please enjoy my simple tutorial showing you how-to throw a make-up on the old dial that will take you from slovenly to presentable in no time at all. All products listed on the You Tube channel. Enjoy!



Skincare in Your 40s

2014-05-31 18.02.30I’ve noticed since turning 40 a rather rapid decline in the quality of my skin. My once cute freckles that were sprayed across my nose in a girlish fashion have united to form islands of pigmentation. And my pigmentation moustache? I don’t believe that was in the brochure. Also, there is now a splattering of tiny broken capillaries on my cheek cushions (no awards as to guessing how they got there). The natural lustre and glow that was once a trademark has also gone to pot. Welcome to my 40’s! Continue reading

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How to Choose the Right Foundation

Foundation is one of those things, isn’t it? It’s either right or wrong. Being a make-up artist, I can spot a “wrong” foundation a mile off. Fake tanners can be the biggest offenders with the wearing of their natural skin coloured foundie instead of introducing  a more St Tropez colour to the mix. ‘Mismatched face to body’ is indeed quite the common faux pas.  So, for this most important part of your make-up, how can you choose the right foundation? Continue reading

M.A.C Careblend Essential Oils

When you mix M.A.C Careblend Essential Oils into your foundation – magic happens.

Walking into the M.A.C store the other day, I caught a glimpse of the visage and drew breath. My face was craggy, dry, lacking in oomph. And I’ll just sum it up in a word: haggard. (Very different to the face I thought I was sporting – plump, dewy and youthful. Sigh.) Continue reading

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When Bad Skin Happens to Good People

I’m just going to put it out there for public knowledge – although I claim to know just about everything about skincare, at this time of year, my skin is crap! And I mean really crap! Sure, I dish out all sorts of advice on a daily basis to my Facebook followers, clients and the like, so you would naturally think I should have perfect skin all the time, right? Wrong! Continue reading

Eye Serum Love

My, how times flies. I always realise this when it’s time to visit my friendly local cosmetic clinic. After a lovely chat with the fabulous Dr Naomi, addressing skin issues and the like, we got talkin’ about the best eye creams on the market. Dr Naomi suggested Restylane Eye Serum RRP $79.00 (hello – she had me at Restylane). Continue reading

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