Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014

Why is it that every Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week in Sydney, I am always in the same predicament? Menstrual; eating everything that’s not tied down and consequently becoming a barrel with several chins complete with adult acne. All while the rest of Sydney is hob-knobbing with their toned bodies in Louis Boutins, draped in designer garb and posting glamorous photos of themselves on Instagram. Why is this traditionally my most unglamorous time?

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Being a Size 14 Still Sucks…

I’m not going to rant and rave (maybe just this once) and cry ‘poor chubby me’ (that’s not how I roll), but when it comes to shopping for something Über cute to wear, being a size 14 is the pits.

I mean, how many times does one shapely sister have to hear the words: “No, sorry we don’t have that in size 14?” What’s that about? Last time I heard, a size 14 was the average Australian woman. But obviously someone forgot to tell Sass and Bide. Continue reading

When Did Size 8 Become Plus Size?

To clarify, I’m referring to an American size 8 which equates to about an Australian size 12, but still!! Plus size is a huge label to be placing on a size 12 (pardon the pun). Beyoncé Knowles, Khloe Kardashian, Sophia Vegara, Tyra Banks, and the simply divine Kate Upton (whom I wish to look like on a good day) are all size 12. Continue reading

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