Keeping It Together

IMG_5399-300x300While perched on a roof-top bar, imbibing beverages with my lovely friend on a steamy Friday evening, I glanced at my dear companion and couldn’t help but to notice that she indeed had become quite the hot mess. Foundation was now just a grimy coating of sweat and muck, eye makeup – bleary; hardly a remnant of the blush I had meticulously applied on her some hours earlier – all-in-all: untidy. It wasn’t until I sauntered to the bathroom, that I realised, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Continue reading

How-To: New Year’s Eve Makeup

20141228_183949Well, knock me down with a feather – it’s New Year’s Eve 2014. Who knew? So, Glams, naturally, today’s tutorial is of a party theme, focusing on a long-wear, coloured smokey eye. A make-up that will hopefully distract from the extra Kg. you may be sporting (ahem) after that shockingly calorific episode of full-time holiday eating (help). Continue reading

Weekend Glam Makeup

Base: Make Up For Ever HD foundation in 128. Loving! Med coverage, velvet finish – like you’re wearing nothing at all (well, foundation that is).

Eyes: Meli Gel Liner in Muse (black) on upper lash-line for definition, M.A.C Powerchrome Eye Pencil in Copper Strip around the entire eye-ball for bronzey smokiness (fab smokey-eye product as you can just whack it on and smudge with finger). Continue reading

When Bad Makeup Happens to Beautiful People


So you’re a Bond girl, a true bona fide Glamazon, it’s the world première of Skyfall – your debut into Bondhood, and you’re about take to the red carpet like a true bombshell. You’re wearing an incredible Vivienne Westwood, siren red couture gown that hugs your every curve and cups your ample bosom seductively, hair in a loose elegant chignon, accessorised perfectly with a drop earring in 18ct white gold, hematite and white diamonds with matching ring (possibly to the value of a small continent) – I mean you are the WHOLE package. Continue reading

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