How to Get Red Carpet Ready

Well, we’ve had quite the time of it on the RC, with Australian Television night of nights – The Logies, then the fabulous Met Ball in New York and yesterday, the BAFTA TV Awards in London. The Red Carpet certainly has had quite the global workout. So, what does it really take to get Red Carpet ready? Continue reading

TV Week Logies 2013

The frills and spills of the Logies are safely behind us for another year. There were block colours, classic shapes, and flesh peaking through lace, and then there was the glitz of metallics and sequins. But then, it wouldn’t be the Logies without a little razzamatazz, would it? Continue reading

Logies 2013

I’m just going to say it out loud: The Channel Nine girls had it in the bag (or the clutch) this Logies 2013. They did not put a Louboutin clad foot wrong (congrats Penelope McAuliffe and co). Ditto to their coiffed manes and perfectly made up visages (high-five team). So without further ado, behold, my favourite foxies from Nine.
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Love From The Logies Red Carpet

I know the Logies were so five days ago, but indulge me, and allow my Red Carpet rant.

Having never actually been on a Red Carpet (I know – you’re shocked by this), it was quite the eye-opener. Of course, there was the parade of sequins, silk, glitz, fake-tans with wide smiles and a backdrop of flashes, paparazzi and screaming tweens awaiting One Direction (it felt like home, but alas, I was there to do make-up) – what I didn’t know – it’s actually quite the hot-spot for a fabulous tete-a-tete with your Celebrity counterpart. I mean, why not make your glamorous entrance on the Red C and then bump into that gorgeous hunk you did a TV commercial with 10yrs ago? How timely, as one looks her finest – made-up within an inch of her life and dressed to the nines. Continue reading

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