The Oscars 2015 Red Carpet

Well, finally, the day was upon us – the apex of Red Carpet glory – The 87th Oscars.

Perched on the leather recliner, Champagne in hand (I mean it was midday somewhere) I wanted to be wowed.  I wanted to see those Hollywood A-listers OWN IT. And if your couture doesn’t cut it (Sienna Miller, I’m talking to you)…we may not see you on this blog-post. So, Glams lets get right down to the RC bizo.  Continue reading

The Grand Budapest Hotel

This movie made me smile. Last night, nestled in the leather recliner under the cool breeze of the new air conditioner (there is now a delicious chill to the air at Chez Hall) we watched the INCREDIBLE The Grand Budapest Hotel. Why I didn’t run to the theatre when it was released last year is a mystery.  Continue reading

The Holiday: Los Angeles

20141130_190846Our arrival to LA was marred by our first on-flight fight. Yes, we were THAT couple. Shame. It all started out as quite the cracker of a Premium Economy *Qantas journey. Our lead-wristed, have-a-chat stewardess was also quite the hoot (she could make a G & T alright). But maybe her enthusiastic pouring of a delicious 2010 Chardonnay (“You’ve got to finish the bottle…”) and quite possibly an overreaction by a certain hormonal someone, led to quite the on-air barney. Continue reading

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