The Golden Globes 2015

Well, what a fitting debut to a glistening season of frocks and possibly a few shocks – The Golden Globes. (Strike me down with a feather – I’ve just started my New Years Resolutions & here we are neck deep in Red Carpet fashion). So, without further ado, the rundown of my favourite award show– The Golden Globes. Continue reading

How-To: Rock a Statement Red Lip in Your 40s

Glams, welcome to makeup-tutorial-Thursday!

With the sad passing of the legendary Lauren Bacall, I thought it was only fitting we learn how to master the art of that old Hollywood classic: The Red Lip. Such a staple in the glamour-history. And, when applied properly, can make one look and feel like a million bucks. Continue reading

The Truth about Contouring

There has been much ado of late about contouring. Lessons on the Internet, on how to contour and highlight your face like a superstar; accompanied with photos of stars contoured within an inch of their life (Kim Kardashian I’m talking to you). So how does this translate to you and me in the real world? Do we all need to apply a striped mask of brown and white war-paint to wear our best face? Au contraire.Kim-Kardashian-Contouring-Makeup-Scott-Barnes Continue reading

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