Ocsober Victory

20150926_213310Crack open the sparkling water, I have made it through October sans alcohol like a BLOODY LEGEND! And, okay naysayers, the month is not entirely up, but it’s safe to say: I got this. High-five me! A whole month without a cheeky tipple? Who knew? Many of those other ‘dry’ months have passed me by, with just fleeting intentions to get on board, and to be THAT person, but there was always something on that would get in the way of sobriety – an upcoming party, Thursday… Continue reading

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February – And so The New Year Begins

20150105_090257It’s official: the last day of January, so my new life, the “New Year’s life” of a semi-professional athlete who also has time to write a best-selling book, learn French and do hip-hop classes, shall begin. Continue reading

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Diets of Shame

Glammies, I must come clean. I have done it again – fallen for the hype and the pressure of “Getting my Beach Body” on. I have succumbed to not one but two diets. Simultaneously. Yes, having had a shaky start on the Michelle Bridges’ (it was to commence on a Monday, but I joined in on the Thursday – it happens!), I rationalised that if I’m going to be this hopeless on one diet, let’s get on another because two wrongs could possibly make a right. One feeble attempt at MB’s program combined with a more strict type of detox scenario that included meal replacements (shakes) and several days of “cleansing” (starvation) – hi, as if I was going to stick to THAT – would equal one successful diet. You do the math. It’s sheer genius! Continue reading

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Born This Way

It was with great relief while watching 60 mins on Sunday night that I learnt: try as I might to shake off this soft size 14-16 outer layer – my chances of long-term success are diddlysquat. Less than 5%, in fact, and that is if I eat like an obsessive, weighing food and munching on green things, exercising religiously and not falling off the wagon say, every few days – apparently this is not the recipe for sustained weight-loss (get-out-of-town).

What I learnt last night was pretty much what I already knew from years of “dieting” (the egg-white omelettes, protein bars and tasteless food for months combined with rigorous training programs) which is: as soon as one puts down the protein shake for a regular meal and a spot of dessert then skips the gym, one eventually returns to her natural size. The size he or she was genetically coded to be. Yes my friends, it’s all in the genes. And not only is it all bloody preprogrammed, when you successfully work your arse off and deny yourself of tasty treats, your body, like a maniac fights hard to regain those lost kilos and you want to eat any refined carbohydrate that’s not bolted to the ground.
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