Skincare in Your 40s

2014-05-31 18.02.30I’ve noticed since turning 40 a rather rapid decline in the quality of my skin. My once cute freckles that were sprayed across my nose in a girlish fashion have united to form islands of pigmentation. And my pigmentation moustache? I don’t believe that was in the brochure. Also, there is now a splattering of tiny broken capillaries on my cheek cushions (no awards as to guessing how they got there). The natural lustre and glow that was once a trademark has also gone to pot. Welcome to my 40’s! Continue reading

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M.A.C Makeup A/W 2014 Trends

2014-06-17 19.46.46Well, I was bristling with make-up inspiration after the MAC A/W 2014 Trends on Tuesday night, presented by senior artist extraordinaire Nicole Thompson.  I learnt that it’s now all about the freedom to experiment and to let go of the ‘masking’ with make-up. And BTW, it’s not about “natural makeup” anymore. (Hi, that’s so like, 5 years ago.) It’s now called “real make-up”.  So keeping it real, hear are my top 3 useable tips, fresh from the runways. Continue reading

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Blushing Beauty

Hello again Glammies. Yes,  I have been somewhat M.I.A of late. Apologies. What with the “fatality” of my dear friend MacBook Pro (I believed wholeheartedly that I’d left her on the roof of my car where she had then met her grisly demise on a highway – she was discovered four days later at the studio. Embarrassment), my Dad in hospital (at home now – all good) and then the “actual” death of Patrick from Offspring (don’t get my started).  That all behind us now, let’s get with the program and talk about beautay. Namely: blush. Continue reading