Skincare in Your 40s

2014-05-31 18.02.30I’ve noticed since turning 40 a rather rapid decline in the quality of my skin. My once cute freckles that were sprayed across my nose in a girlish fashion have united to form islands of pigmentation. And my pigmentation moustache? I don’t believe that was in the brochure. Also, there is now a splattering of tiny broken capillaries on my cheek cushions (no awards as to guessing how they got there). The natural lustre and glow that was once a trademark has also gone to pot. Welcome to my 40’s! Continue reading

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Pigmentation Anyone?

Dear Dr Naomi,
I am turning a certain age in 3 months. Now, while I don’t want to go on and on about how horrified I am to suddenly reach said age, I do want to be cute again. In a nutshell: my skin has changed – my girlish freckles have now turned to blotches, and I have some unsightly pigmentation on my upper lip. Plus, there is a new acquition of broken capillaries and redness on the cheek (I don’t believe I ordered these either). Gone are the carefree days of looking fresh as a daisy wearing a smidgen of creme blush and lippie. Sigh. (See photo – I was 24). Youth is so wasted on the young isn’t it?  I want that skin back – the skin that I failed to appreciate then. What can you do?
Desperate and grasping at straws,
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