Sephora Brands Showcase

Well, I had quite the time of it at Sephora’s Brands Showcase on Tuesday.  It was a lovely intimate affair, where one could just saunter casually, green juice in hand, from one brand to the next, learning about about their latest products.

Here are the ones that floated my boat: Continue reading

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How to Choose the Right Foundation

Foundation is one of those things, isn’t it? It’s either right or wrong. Being a make-up artist, I can spot a “wrong” foundation a mile off. Fake tanners can be the biggest offenders with the wearing of their natural skin coloured foundie instead of introducing  a more St Tropez colour to the mix. ‘Mismatched face to body’ is indeed quite the common faux pas.  So, for this most important part of your make-up, how can you choose the right foundation? Continue reading

DMK Foundation

I have recently been doing make-up for the short film “101 Cupcakes”.
While being denied of snacking from the plethora of freshly baked, colourfully iced props, I still had a good time. And, I also became reacquainted with one of my favourite foundations: DMK Cosmetics Foundation. In fact, I would have been totally at a loss without it  and was so impressed by the versatility of this fab foundie that I just had to share. So, yes, I’ve fallen in love all over again. Continue reading

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The Primer to End All Primers

It was another busy week with Ms Sonia Kruger Mornings, a swimwear shoot and yet another promo for Big Brother. It’s been go-go-go! And with all that “shuffling” (see YouTube video below), you may ask, how does one keep the face on for 12 hours? The answer is my friends (apart from the proximity of a ridiculously talented make-up artist): Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. Continue reading

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