Forty is Not the New Thirty

A few months ago I turned 40. Not one to make a big song and dance about it, I went to Paris thinking that perhaps a week in my favourite city would distract me from the fact I had now turned…40. It did not. I still slipped into that dark place of age-related remorse as poor hub tried his best to console: “Sweetie, sweetie…I know it’s early but…some Champagne?” Continue reading

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Pitter-Pattering In Paris

Well, I am soon to burst out of my plus-sized jeans
with the daily onslaught of pastries, baguettes smothered in that delicieux french butter, cheese and wine. I may have also taken up smoking by proxy due to my love of people watching while dining or wining at Brasseries.
This is my last night in Paris and after 6 days I feel practically part of the furniture despite my colourful version of the language – an enchanting fusion of French and English – the Parisians love it! (Yes Glammies I am blogging in real time now. Please excuse the technical difficulties evident in the last update – bloody Ipad). Continue reading

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Three Old Hens at a Bar…

Well, as my 30’s are rapidly winding down,
and I am soon to step across into the new frontier of being…that next age… it was only fitting that my fellow girlies also of
the same exceptional vintage,  wine and dine me. Continue reading