Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014

Why is it that every Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week in Sydney, I am always in the same predicament? Menstrual; eating everything that’s not tied down and consequently becoming a barrel with several chins complete with adult acne. All while the rest of Sydney is hob-knobbing with their toned bodies in Louis Boutins, draped in designer garb and posting glamorous photos of themselves on Instagram. Why is this traditionally my most unglamorous time?

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Bobbi Brown for Dylan Cooper – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Backstage at the Dylan Cooper show, winner of last season’s Project Runway, there was nearly an ethereal tranquility in the air. Had I just stepped into a parallel universe or was this guy not launching his very first collection on the stage of Australian Fashion Week in the next hour? Maybe, I had just missed a meltdown of sorts? I mean, surely someone’s had a wobbly or a small turn for the worse? Apparently no – none of the above.

This laidback vibe was just a reflection of the lovely Dylan and his beautiful, carefree, 70’s inspired collection – stunning sheer flowing skirts and blouses, dresses fit for a young Stevie Nicks, rockstar suits in bright colours and opulent velvet in romantic-boho prints, inspired by his prize for Project Runway – a three week vacance to London, New York and Paris. (You can see the inspiration of a Parisian fountain in a blue-hued printed silk-chiffon dress). Continue reading

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