Fashion Through the Pages

Glams, with the weekend ahead, it could be the perfect time to curl up with a good book. Guest blogger Louise Owens from Read Me (  has reviewed some stunning books for your perusal that will take you on the adventure that is Fashion –  just the ticket for a spot of reading on the couch or a divine gift. Enjoy! Continue reading

Golden Globes 2013

Well, the 70th Golden Globes has come and gone. And this year, hosted by the very talented ladies of comedy Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, there were there were many great moments, plenty of laughs, impressive speeches (Hugh Jackman too gushy about his wife” quote of the night from the hub) and the amazing Jodie Foster pretty much coming out during her acceptance of the Cecil B DeMille lifetime achievement award. Hi, not the world’s best kept secret but interesting. However, as always, it was a night of fashion and high glamour – some winners and a few losers. Continue reading

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Love From The Logies Red Carpet

I know the Logies were so five days ago, but indulge me, and allow my Red Carpet rant.

Having never actually been on a Red Carpet (I know – you’re shocked by this), it was quite the eye-opener. Of course, there was the parade of sequins, silk, glitz, fake-tans with wide smiles and a backdrop of flashes, paparazzi and screaming tweens awaiting One Direction (it felt like home, but alas, I was there to do make-up) – what I didn’t know – it’s actually quite the hot-spot for a fabulous tete-a-tete with your Celebrity counterpart. I mean, why not make your glamorous entrance on the Red C and then bump into that gorgeous hunk you did a TV commercial with 10yrs ago? How timely, as one looks her finest – made-up within an inch of her life and dressed to the nines. Continue reading

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