Dry Skin Anyone?

Dear Aunt Glam,

By any chance, do you know of any good serums for dry skin? Also, It would be really cool to know of any foundations that are great for winter? I’m struggling to find one that makes my skin look hydrated and that has great coverage.


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Snap, Crackle and Pop

This biting winter air is causing havoc on a lady’s complexion. I slather on virtual duck-fat these days, still – dryness, tightness – oh-my. The flakes are intolerable and why does my skin look so dull? Well, I’ve discovered radiance is now within reach after attending a fabulous Kheil’s event the other evening –  I now have hope that again, I shall shine, sparkle and gleam.

Introducing Kheil’s Rosa Arctica Cream. This intense balm was discovered from the Bulgarian flower Haberlea Rhondopensis – I know, Rhona who? But Glams, this flower is actually real and is otherwise known as the “resurrection flower” for its abilities to lay dormant and then come back to life. Sign me up. Continue reading

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