Detox Draaama

So, here’s the thing, after the last hoorah of the holiday season, that yes, did creep into March, with the final straw that broke the camel’s back: the entertaining of my foodie friends from London. There may have been some extensive wining and dining that while at the time was a hoot, left me feeling hideous and heavy. Continue reading

Diets of Shame

Glammies, I must come clean. I have done it again – fallen for the hype and the pressure of “Getting my Beach Body” on. I have succumbed to not one but two diets. Simultaneously. Yes, having had a shaky start on the Michelle Bridges’ (it was to commence on a Monday, but I joined in on the Thursday – it happens!), I rationalised that if I’m going to be this hopeless on one diet, let’s get on another because two wrongs could possibly make a right. One feeble attempt at MB’s program combined with a more strict type of detox scenario that included meal replacements (shakes) and several days of “cleansing” (starvation) – hi, as if I was going to stick to THAT – would equal one successful diet. You do the math. It’s sheer genius! Continue reading

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