How-To: Wear a Fuchsia Pink Lip

IMG_43841-300x223Wearing a fuchsia lip is not for the faint hearted. I mean unlike the classic, old Hollywood qualities of the red pout, one must tread carefully when treading in fuchsia waters. Or, one can look like someone’s crazy old aunt (even if you are someone’s crazy “old” aunt – ahem). But there are occasions and outfits that literally beg for the raspberry hued lip. Continue reading

Prince – We Got the Look

Getting ready with Nadja, like anything involving my dear friend, is always somewhat of an event – theatre if you will. And Friday, for the Prince concert was no exception. After a lengthy appointment at the local salon where we got our hair did – old-school wet-set under a dryer for an eternity for maximum bounce, we started procedures somewhat late. Of course, someone (me) prematurely opened a bottle of Champagne and put on the movie Purple Rain, so naturally we missed our 6pm pick-up (well, you can hardly rush cobalt-blue eyeliner or the application of a strip lash). And not only is there always meticulous attention to detail with hair and make-up when getting ready with Nadj (we are both in the biz) there is also the obligatory pre-event photoshoot that she directs with with Testino precision but then entrusts brave Hub to execute. Continue reading

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