The Ultimate Bridal Look

The Look: Jess wanted to look fresh, pretty yet glamorous for the big day.

Base: She has great skin, so I wanted a foundation that would provide a flawless, long-wearing finish that still showcased her complexion. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H is that foundation. Continue reading

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Brides Behaving Badly: Part Two

Fake Tan

Despite my warnings to Bridey at the trial, who may have a delightful peaches and cream complexion, I will inevitably turn up on The Day to find the entire bridal party the colour of a  pole-dancing troupe. In fact, it’s safe to say, I have done more tandori-coloured bridal parties than eaten hot lunches. I now bring a selection of yellowy/orange foundations to tackle this very issue. Continue reading

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Brides Behaving Badly: Part One

As most make-up artists will tell you, we are neck-deep in Bridal season. And don’t get me wrong, I lurve me a wedding – being a part of a special occasion, making everyone look amazing and receiving much adulation for doing so; but then there’s also the times of ‘putting-out-fires’ with soothing words of reason, garnished from eons of experience.

I did a wedding last week that required these very skills. Yet despite my calm demeanor and the learned ability, when the poop-hits-the-fan, to just switch off and enter the tranquil place – where the only thing that really matters is blending that eye-shadow to absolute perfection; these crazy-cats nearly pushed this cool customer over. And I’m pretty sure the old-school Hungarian hairdresser is now a brickies labourer somewhere far, far away. Continue reading

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The Duchess of Cambridge…

DutchessWe saw; we marvelled; we conquered…
Bravo Royal family for a spectacular wedding! And Kate: Wowser!
Lurvved the dress; although poached nearly entirely from Princess Grace circa 1956 (who could blame her; best wedding dress of all time; of all time). She was sooo poised…the posture on it…the composure…but alas, I feel she did do her own make-up.
Yep…a little heavy handed on the blush…
I would have loved to have seen a professional bring out those eyes sans navy blue Kohl pencil but still…stuuunning!
And Pip…nearly stole the show in that incredible dress. Cut like a dream & helped further by her enviable toned body.
An athletic looking bunch the Middletons…very easy on the eye. Good news Wil- Mum’s still hot (like you didn’t notice). And let’s not forgot the brother; further testament to that cracking Middleton gene pool.
Some notable Faux Pas… Continue reading
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Royal Wedding Madness…

Dutchess of CambridgeWell it’s been a week of it hasn’t it? Royal Wedding pandemonium!
And like when I got engaged & overnight became addicted to the purchasing of Bridal magazines, I seem to have fallen in the same trap when it comes to watching Royal Wedding coverage…I’m recording Today show people! Not to mention  ACA (loving Ita & Trace) & Bio specials…it’s not right. Suffice to say, I am devo  that I’m not there in London rubbbing shoulders with the true fanatics, who have set up shop lining streets in tent towns. I think possibly they’re cute from a far (from my leather lounge lets say) but far from cute.
Still, something in me wants to cover myself in Union Jacks & wear a Kate mask with the eyes cut out. Call me crazy…
Amidst the insights from Royal watchers… Continue reading
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