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Well, I had quite the time of it at Sephora’s Brands Showcase on Tuesday.  It was a lovely intimate affair, where one could just saunter casually, green juice in hand, from one brand to the next, learning about about their latest products.

Here are the ones that floated my boat:

20150416_110622Nudestix is like a dream come true for peeps like myself who don’t like the hoo-ha of blending eye-shadows and the like, but rather, drawing make-up on the face with some stick-like apparatus and blending beautifully with fingers. Nudestix is THAT product. It’s the whole get-up-and-go type beauty solution that comes in a range of chunky pencils for eyes, lips and even foundation. They are packaged in a very cool black tin with enough room to build and store your collection. Hello entire face in one snappy little container.


IMG_20150414_095704I have been a fan of Make up Forever, using their HD Foundation for some time. But they had 2 prods that kind of set the heart racing.

One was a new formulated version of their Aqua Eye.  Now, as aforementioned, and heavily featured in my tutorials, I am craazy for a crayon I can just wack on those peepholes. The feature of the Aqua eye is not only can you achieve a smokey eye in no time at all, but it’s longwearing, so smokey eye doesn’t become tragic eye. The color range is also brilliant.20150414_094748

The next proddie that I really do need to spend some quiet, alone time with, is their new bronzers in fetching shades, of well, um, bronze – 3 matte and 3 shimmery to be more precise. However, the real piece de resistance is that they’re a gel formula. That’s right GEL. Brand spanking new Bouncy Gel Technology, so extremely lightweight and skin-like. Gimme!

I loved the 2 cute girls at the Dr Jart stand who were so passionate about their product. And so they should be, because Dr Jart has formulated the genius BB cream for NIGHT. You get what I’m saying? The SPF component has been removed but leaving all the glowy stuff so, you can actually go to bed and wake up looking like the gorgeous creature you really are. (If you’ve been married for 12 years like myself, the jig is truly up, but for all the freshly in luuurve girls –this is just the ticket.) Their Reset Your Hydration Mask is also something I’m excited to try and will obviously be posting a hero shot of me wearing said mask #drjart. And as THE WHOLE OF THE FIRST WORLD is sick for contouring, Dr Jart also does an interesting trio of liquid contours that you can carry on your person. I mean who knows when you may need to add more contour and highlight?


20150414_100514Another little proddie that I thought could solve many problems in my eyeliner life was the Tarte Clay Paint Liner. Its the revolutionary packaging that sealed the deal for me. It has the consistency of a gel liner but packaged in a liquid liner kind of way, but with a far superior angled brush, so you can get a cracker of a line AND has this amazing flat part on top that you can use as a palette for dispersing JUST the right amount of product on the brush. It was true love!20150414_112337

It was also great to bump into Per-fekt Skin again. I have been using a sample of their Skin Perfection Gel in Radiance from Sephora Vegas and was quite taken. It mattes out the skin, with it’s light gel formula and holds your foundation longer. I was also very smitten with their gel bronzer for the body. And let’s not forget the eye cream that also brightens the baggage department…lots to love here.20150414_110650

Drop everything: Cover FX impressed me greatly with their bottled pure pigment. Their Custom Cover Drops can be added to your favorite moisturizer or sunscreen AND MADE INTO FOUNDATION. I know right! Choose your perfect color from the extensive color range and then add it to, say your sunscreen, and then slap it on the face for the most customized foundation EVER! Shut the front doooooor!!!!

Well Glams, that was just some of my faves from Sephora’s exciting range of exciting brands. Stay tuned for more Sephora product reviews soon.

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