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“I never wanted to be your weekend lover…” Prince is in town. And it’s high time – eye mean nine years between drinks – eye could barely wait a second longer.

Prince evokes so many memories for me… I remember coping with the horror of being a teenager and cohabiting with my parents by retreating to my room, and in front of the mirrored wardrobe, performing my angsty “no-one-understands-me-except-Prince” dance to “When Doves Cry”. I also remember when my boyfriend wrote me love notes all over my “Sign O The Times” albums, which I then, painted over when we broke up. And then there was the horrendous fight with my father when, in front of my very eyes, he snapped my beloved “Love Sexy” album to pieces. Every break-up had the soundtrack of “The Beautiful Ones” or “Adore”. When I was holed up in a Bombay hotel room as sick as a dog, I would console myself with “Diamonds and Pearls”. Paris 1992 – I saw Prince in concert with my deadbeat French boyfriend who throughout, was rolling joints and chain-smoking, muttering C’est de la merde…” That relationship was never going to last the distance.

And then there were the women of Prince – I always wanted to look like Apollonia and proudly wore a peplum jacket just like hers from “Purple Rain”(peplum has SO made the comeback) and Sheila E made me crave “The Glamorous Life” away from my suburban dwellings of Eastwood.

So, it’s with tremendous excitement that tomorrow night is the night – Prince’s first show since 2003 in Sydney! My fabulous friend Nadja (stage name: Bon Mott) who grew up believing she would one day marry Prince has just arrived from Melbourne – her cobalt-blue and silver sequined jacket with lace body-stocking has made the cut, the Champagne is chilled, “Purple Rain” is on IQ and we are going to party like it’s …

And if it ALL goes to plan, we will meet Prince, find ourselves at one of his notorious little private gigs and be awestruck by his brilliance…

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