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Getting ready with Nadja, like anything involving my dear friend, is always somewhat of an event – theatre if you will. And Friday, for the Prince concert was no exception. After a lengthy appointment at the local salon where we got our hair did – old-school wet-set under a dryer for an eternity for maximum bounce, we started procedures somewhat late. Of course, someone (me) prematurely opened a bottle of Champagne and put on the movie Purple Rain, so naturally we missed our 6pm pick-up (well, you can hardly rush cobalt-blue eyeliner or the application of a strip lash). And not only is there always meticulous attention to detail with hair and make-up when getting ready with Nadj (we are both in the biz) there is also the obligatory pre-event photoshoot that she directs with with Testino precision but then entrusts brave Hub to execute.

Inspired by Apollonia’s make-up from Purple Rain and the Dylan Cooper show from Fashion Week, I went with a lilac eye: Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow in Cool Lilac, contoured with Bobbi Brown Eye-Shadow in Caviar and Coco plus loads of black eyeliner: Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink and my favourite lipstick of the moment: Bobbi Brown Cosmic Rasberry. I sculpted my face with MAC Dark Mineralized Powder and applied a pinkish-hue to the cheek with MAC Blushcreme in Something Special and pale-pink sheen to add glitz to the cheekbones with MAC Redhead Mineralised Powder.
I may have inferred at some time or other: “focus on eyes or lips, never both,” but when you’re about to be entertained by Prince, you do it ALL. And I gotta tell you – my hair, which had been styled by Nadja, and filled out with hairpieces, a full face of make-up with strong EYES and LIPS and adorned with diamantes, I felt like Sheila E from ‘The Glamorous Life’. It was so much fun to say: Tonight I’m going there – I’m not going to stop at just a smokey-eye – my-foot-is-off-the-brake-and-I’m-going-to-drive -this-thing-like-I-stole-it.

Nadja, who needs little excuse to get in costume, rocked it in the style-stakes wearing a black lace bodysuit and an amazing Alexi Freeman cobalt-blue and silver sequined mini-trench from his Stardust collection. Her, cobalt-blue, themed eyes were achieved with Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow in Chrome Patina and MAC Pigment in Cobalt Blue. So catching was her look, that she was chosen to go up on stage and dance with Prince, where she also took the opportunity to place one of the roses she had previously thrown, attached with a note: “Marry Me” on his piano (there had been extensive rose-throwing rehearsals in the park the day before). She will be talking about this for a LONG time…What a night to remember.

So much so, we did it all again the next night: drank champagne with Prince music in the background, went to town with even more purple eye make-up and hit The Ivy for the exclusive Prince gig which sold out in 2 minutes. Without a ticket and having exhausted our last lead…it wasn’t to be.
Still, we won’t be forgetting the weekend Prince came to town.


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