Post Holiday Pick-Me-Up

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Post holiday, I often feel something is missing from my life, and I attempt to replace those vacation endorphins with whatever will do the trick. And no, it cannot be churros Renee.

I know! Skincare! Since returning from the vacance, I look in the mirror and I see dehydration. I see fine lines. I see dullness. 

To combat this, I love to give my skin a boost with a jolly good scrub. So when it comes to choosing a top exfoliation the answer is: Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Kit. This two piece apparatus contains all sorts of active ingredients that can be felt bubbling away on one’s visage to slough off the nasties and reveal really clean, plump, fresh skin. The kit is divided into two parts. First, Vitamin C crystals are gently massaged into the face for as long as you can handle, and next: a liquid lactic acid and salicylic activating gel is applied over those crystals to activate the power within. Shazam! Your skin will feel a delicious tingle, and then dry, sad old you will be transformed into glowing, supple you. How nice. This is a once per week maintenance product that will undoubtedly maximise your usual skincare regime. Quite the effective and powerful weapon to have in one’s bathroom cupboard, so don’t go crazy y’all.

Follow with an application of your favourite moisturiser and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results (love yourself sick). Also, just the ticket for the upcoming summer months when sunscreen, humidity and sun can seriously mess with your skin-tone and texture. Try it for yourself!

Available from David Jones RRP $95.00

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