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Now, Glam friends, as you know I am ALL over The Oscars.  But it’s not just about critiquing the fashion of the most watched RC in the world from the leather recliner. Au contraire. I also love the filims (movies) and have been filim cramming for a week now. Here are my top 3 thus far:




Two Words: Edward Norton. His performance as Mike Shiner (a real piece of work) totally blew my mind. Having dabbled with acting courses as a young spritely 23 year old with hope in her heart, I may have met this character in my travels – An Actor

Set in a dusty theatre in bustling Broadway, the snappy cinematography captured the real theatrics of this colourful microcosm. Michael Keating is also amazing as Riggan Thomson – An Actor trying to reclaim relevance in a world now beating to the sound of a different drum.

He could very well take home the Oscar for Best Actor IF it wasn’t for that pesky Eddie Redmayne with his standout performance in –


The Theory of Everythingthe-theory-of-everything

To land the gig of playing Stephen Hawking – that takes some serious acting gear right there. I didn’t know much about Steven Hawking and I found his story of unconditional love, brilliance and living with gusto through the most debilitating physical obstacles, inspirational (and here I was complaining about feeling sluggish). Eddie Redmayne embodied a genius, with a keen sense of humour and compassion betrayed by a body disfigured by motor neuron disease, beautifully. And you know how much Oscar loves a physical transformation…my money is on Eddie.


American Sniper

imagesI wasn’t expecting to like this film because I’m not a war film kinda gal, yet I fell in love with Bradley all over again. IMG_2979(And I was able to forgive him for snubbing me in New York after I waited in the bitter cold after The Elephant Man for a photo. Healing.)

I can highly recommend seeing this film without knowing the story of Chris Kyle – a Navy SEAL sniper, devoted husband and father. If the ship has sailed on that front – it’s still worth seeing. It gave me a more fleshed out understanding of that all American patriotism and what drives men to risk it all to defend their country. Yet, as Clint Eastwood’s Oscar nominated film portrays, the cost of war endures way past the battlefields.

Tonight: The Grand Budapest Hotel. Review to follow.

Have a great weekend!





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