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Why hello there Glammies! Renee checking in from fabulous NYC. What a time I have had! Inbetween the tacos, the dogs, the pancakes…I don’t even know what day it is! Nevertheless I have powered on and continue to purchase an item almost every 20 minutes. Nothing quite like the shopping in New York! But I must say Glams, it’s not all sunglasses and autographs here as the weather has been far from ideal! It has been heavily raining on and off non stop and then impossibly humid and steamy in between. Gasp! All of a sudden Carrie Bradshaw’s hair makes perfect sense to me.

I have been out, and about with a few fantastic friends living over here and have observed some gorgeous hair accessories that New Yorkers have been sporting – ’cause when life throws ya lemons…

My fabulous bestie (also named Rene) has been wearing stunning headscarves. A simple vintage scarf tied in a 50’s style bow at the crown; quite the fresh and on trend solution to keep bad hair days at bay! Then there are all of the gorgeous hats that the super cool are wearing – a plethora of shapes and designs and anyone that is anyone has one. (See photo – my new purchase). Seems hats are back in a big way Glams! Well, I’m off to the lovely Williamsburg today for a stroll through the flea markets and a long and hard perv at the locals. Loving Brooklyn!

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