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Glammies, part of the plan here at The ProBlogger Training Event is to win a competition writing a post as to why New York is better than Paris (Paris, please forgive me). The prize is a fabby flight with Virgin Australia and Delta Air Lines to Austin, Texas for the mothership of all conferences: South by Southwest. So, (Like this post) here goes…

New Yorkers LOVE THEIR CITY like no one else. This means there is a great positivity when you walk the streets. A vibe that is so contagious, it literally embraces you  – making you feel like you’re part of this great city.Mamoun’s for the best Falafels EVER.
There is true nostalgia about this place. Opened in 1971 – the history is palpable in this family run “tiny hole in the wall” within the heart of Greenwich. Although I’m just a tourist from little old Sydney, at this joint while I munch through massive mouthfuls of delicious homemade Falafel sandwich, I feel as though I’m home.

When I arrive in Paris, I head straight to L’Etoile Manquante in Le Marais and nab myself one of the tiny outdoor tables inevitably squeezed between two groups of chain smokers. In my best French, I order to a stony faced garcon and, only comprehending the words fromage, jambon and Kir Royale, I receive a mishmash of underwhelming bits of bread with cheese and ham. Quelle surprise. The Kir Royales are always bang on, and they do assist with becoming a smoker by proxy in this City of Light. But that’s all you become a part of, because try as you might, Paris keeps you at arm’s distance. Paris is the beautiful person you encounter at a party, and, so taken by their beauty, you try desperately to engage them. Yet you can only hold their gaze briefly before they’re they looking over your shoulder, trying to catch the eye of someone more interesting. Well, New York IS more interesting. New York is the city that lives and breathes and has something for everyone. It is brimming with great hoods, pockets to be discovered, bars, restaurants, great shops; it’s a city that is crammed with possibility and open to exploration. Walk the streets of New York and you quickly feel like a local. If you want to feel the pulse of the world, it is in New York, not Paris.

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