My Vlogging Career – a Shakey Start

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Now, Glam Me Up has been in a transitional stage. I’ve decided to move into Vlogging. I mean everyone’s doing it (how very yesteryear to just have a blog).  Nowadays, especially if you are in the make-up biz (or not), you simply muuust have a You Tube channel and film informative (or not) “how-tos” and the like. So, somewhat late in the game, I thought I’d jump on board with creating weekly vids. AND I thought I would market them at the over 40’s, since I am in fact I am over 40 (it stings even typing this). Yes, I know, WHAT a great idea. Here is a run down of my journey thus far:

Attempt 1: Returning from the hairdresser, with coiffed locks, having practiced my lines extensively for “Smokey Eyes in Your 40’s”, and with a full sneaky hour and a half before I had to leave for my next job, I thought: “I’m going to nail this 5 minute first video of mine.” But after spending ages creating the right space for filming – placing the vase with the long stem orange roses in the perfect spot, it became evident: I had no idea how to work the camera, tripod, or attach the newly acquired light and mike that hub had purchased for me.

 Attempt 2: The following morning, hub set up the camera in a perfect position. He even taught me how to turn said camera on and actually film stuff. I WAS GOING TO NAIL THIS! All was going well. Disaster was averted even when the memory card became full and, throwing the toys out of the pram, I called hub and accused him of sabotage. Patiently, he talked me through the changing of card and we continued. However, nearly 20 minutes for a smokey eye tutorial! Hello – too long! Plus, my day old blow-dry looked flat and lifeless.

Attempt 3: Sunday morning (the next day). Having shown my previous attempt to the lovely Georgie and Kate during my Channel Nine shift on Saturday – they both agreed  – way too long and hair looked dreadful. Yet I received good feedback other than that. So, Kate prepared my locks for filming the next day. Hey presto woke up with great hair! Shot it in 12 minutes. Felt good. That is until I reviewed the footage. No sound! Hub discovered that I hadn’t plugged in the mike properly. Patience waning.IMG_3399

Attempt 4: It’s now Wednesday morning. Did my own hair. Practiced a concise, shorter version. Becoming adverse to the “smokey eye”. Feeling hostility toward the “smokey eye”. But, on the verge of becoming a You Tube overnight sensation, one must battle through negative thoughts and triumph. Filmed it in 9 minutes 57 seconds. I can live with that. I mean hello one must learn editing. Waltzed into Channel 9 armed with footage. I show Sandra, my make-up artist colleague the footage that had literally taken years off my life to produce. Her eyes fixed to the screen; 3 minutes into it she turns to me & says: “You’re better than this…” I’m better than this? Really? You’re better than this! You’re Better than destroying my FOURTH ATTEMPT of being an internationally acclaimed Vlogger! Yes, I know the “smokey eye” was a little messy, it wasn’t perfect, but that is life in the real world of smokey eyes. Messy and imperfect!

Back to the drawing board.

 Attempt 5: The next day. Re-do hair. The stage is set. Orange roses now deceased. We have moved onto a mauve mélange of flowers – probably more suited to the “smokey eye”. My bud Renata arrives. She was going to film it. Perfect. Light is bloody spot on and everything is ready to go. I sit perched in front of the lens AGAIN, yet feeling spritely. We’re going to nail this! Camera battery suddenly dies. After an exhaustive half hour following hub’s snappy instructions via phone (apparently he had better things to do), we succeed and change battery. High-five! Yet, try as we might, CAMERA DID NOT WORK. We later discover we had a faulty battery on our hands.

Friday Night: Visitors for dinner. My kitchen style is very much like my vlogging style – unpredictable. Ignoring hub’s strict instructions of just buying stuff “already made”, I had to do the groceries at 5:30pm to start preparing salmon rissoles that I’d never made before at 6:15pm for visitors arriving at 7pm. And I also just HAD to use my new Ninja food processor. Excited with what appeared to be the makings of tasty salmon patties, I ditch the spoon to scoop out clumps of salmon goodness, and instead use my hand. That Ninja blade is something, I can tell you. Cut the !$@* out of my right index finger. Vlogging career on hold till gaping wound heals and unsightly bandage comes off.

The lesson: Rome wasn’t built in a day (or even 2 weeks).

To Be Continued.


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