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Well, you can teach an old dog new tricks as I learnt during my fantastic makeover session with my pal Normie. 

See, even though I’ve been a make-up artist since the pre-Jurassic era, and fancy myself a wiz at giving other people make-up advice, I found myself in a deep make-up rut. So, FINALLY it was my turn to be at the other end of the brush and I can tell you – I LIKED IT. No mirror was safe from my loving gaze.

Here are the highlights of my first ever makeover:


Anyone who has known me for more than an hour will tell you – my pigmentation is the BANE of my life (first world issues). So, I was very interested in Normie’s techniques in making up this precarious area.

He lightly applied the pinkish hued Stila Convertible Colour in Petunia all over the affected areas (upper cheek planes) after the primer and pre-foundie. It kind of neutralized its speckled dark shadow.

Getting Your Smoke OnIMG_5548

Glam friends, you may also be be aware that I’m sick for a bronzed smoky eye. Yet, left to my own devices, I’m lucky enough to get a metallic bronze pencil around those peepholes of mine. So, I loved how Normie created a beautiful soft, even smouldering (that’s totally the right word) eye, layering products over a coating of M.A.C CCB in Improper Copper – a fabulous bronze hued cream. Instead of the more harsh lines of eyeliner, Normie built up the definition around my lash-line with beautiful eye shadows from a fabby palette (might have to acquire that one) by Too Faced aptly named Chocolate Bar.

More Than Bronze

Because I was deep in a bronze-eyeliner-rut, normally applied in a semi-moving vehicle, Normie introduced a beautiful purple colour to the eyeholes: RMS Beauty Cream Eye Polish in Imagine. It’s a long-wearing, high pigmented cream product, so a little goes a long way. As for the deep plum tones –  I thought the colour definitely made my eyes look more mysterious.

Shaping It

We can often just bang on our eye shadow without too much thought on shape. So I was more than impressed that Normie took to a different angle when shaping my peepholes. He made them elongated and rather Cleopatra-like, concentrating the dark at the ends and really bringing it under the lower lashe-line. This new shape really made my eyes appear larger, and well, more come-hither. Likey.


Who isn’t constantly on the lookout for the next best thing when it comes to foundation? Your skin changes with age, season…and there is always something better around the corner. (Yes, we are still talking about foundation.) So, my new amour is the foundation that Normie used: RMS “Un” Cover-Up Foundation in colour #33. I was taken by this product from the outset because it comes in a very small glass thing that can be carried on your person for touch-ups; and it’s a dense cream that becomes more manageable with a drop of its accompanying luscious RMS Beauty Coconut Oil. Loved the coverage, feel and the colour (half the battle when choosing the right foundie), and organic to boot. We are now in a committed relationship. Well, until something better comes along…


Another aspect of The Makeover that totally changed my previously doughy face was contouring. Now, of course I contour everyday with a bronzer, but Normie stepped it up by using 2 contour products. He started with a cream product: Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate and then he amped it up with ANOTHER product by Natasha Denona Contour Sculpting Powder. It was as if I had cheekbones.


Who doesn’t love a product that can multi-task? After the extensive work of contouring, Normie added a lovely pink-hued cream blush to the cheeks: Tom Ford Cream Cheek Colour in Pink Sand. After outlining my lips with a nude liner, he added the same said product to the puckers as a lip colour. Loved it!


So, Glams, that was just the highlights. Get the real by checking out our video, and see how my talented friend Normie really gave me the Red Carpet treatment.




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