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Taking my daily commute to work this morning, I could not help but notice a smattering of women attempting to ‘do’ their face on the bus. The rest of the passengers were also watching this spectacle for the entire journey, and dare I say, looking somewhat perplexed. And yes, it seems practical, and I know one can sleep-in, but allow me to be frank Glams – don’t do it. Firstly, you will look like a mental patient with all of the facial gymnastics that are required for precise application. I mean, we all have a ‘mascara face’ – eyebrows raised to the heavens, lips tightly pursed – you see where I’m going.

Secondly, eyeliner on a moving vehicle? Please. You will quite possibly board the bus resembling yourself and then disembark looking like Liza Minnelli. I have seen this happen. Thirdly: I like to keep a certain mystique to my beauty regime – best not to pull out your blemish-covering concealer and anti eye-bag serum in the public domain as it does kill the magic. Keep the illusion going by hiding your bag of tricks safely on your person. Or locked away in the bathroom cabinet. As I know one thing in life, perception is everything on the 442. Although, a great way to claim a seat all to yourself? Just saying.

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