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Is there any eye make-up more alluring than the come hither smokey eye? I think not. But what’s not hot about a smokey peephole, is when said smokiness migrates to the baggage department, causing one to look more homeless than seductress. So not hot!

Hello Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Shadow – another fabulous little paste-like eye product that is easy to apply and DOES NOT BUDGE. You can even apply it with your fingers. (But let’s get serious; a brush will give you a more polished look).

Today, I gave it a whirl on two lovely ladies, using also the same blush and lip combo on both. When you are onto a good thing…so here, is the lowdown on the look du jour.

Eyes: With a firmer eye-shadowbrush, I applied Make Up Forever Aqua Cream Shade 14, a fabby burgundy-bronze colour, all over the lid, quickly (it does kind of set so move fast) blending it out to the socket line. I also took it under the lower lash-line with the same brush. To finish the look, I applied a sweep of taupe brown matte eye shadow in the contour with a blending
brush. Lashings of mazzie finished off the peeps noicely.

As both my subjects were of a fairer complexion, I teamed the chocolate smokey-eye with a fetching shade of satin-sheen pink on the cheeks: M.A.C Well Dressed Blush did the trick.

Lips: Again, a great shade of baby pink for the fairer types: M.A.C Cream Cup lipstick.


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