M.A.C Careblend Essential Oils

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When you mix M.A.C Careblend Essential Oils into your foundation – magic happens.

Walking into the M.A.C store the other day, I caught a glimpse of the visage and drew breath. My face was craggy, dry, lacking in oomph. And I’ll just sum it up in a word: haggard. (Very different to the face I thought I was sporting – plump, dewy and youthful. Sigh.)

Soon I had a bottle of M.A.C Careblend Essential Oils thrust into my hand. “This is amazing mixed into your foundation,” the lovely M.A.C artist told me. Really? Essential Oil? So not how I roll. And won’t I just smell like potpourri whilst appearing patchy with my oil-affected foundation? Having few options at that moment, I gave it a shot. And it was instant. Just a few drops mixed in with one of the M.A.C liquid foundies, it immediately gave me my dewy face back. I was impressed. Could it be just what the doctor ordered for my DMK cream foundation? I mean I love my DMK and all – it never clogs my pores, is botanic based and is very high in pigment (a little bit goes a long way). But being cream-based, DMK does go a little ‘how’s your father’ in winter. And it doesn’t do a lot to liven the lacklustre winter skin. Enter M.A.C Careblend Oils. Add just a drop or two in the DMK and hey presto – a beautiful creamy foundation.It also doesn’t come off too oily and will give your foundation the helping hand it needs this winter. Loving!

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