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Dear Aunt Glam,

I was just wondering if you know of any hair products, shampoo/conditioner or any masks, oils etc. that make your hair grow faster. I’m using Sun Silk Longer and Stronger at the moment with Moroccan oil. But I need something different that will hopefully give me longer hair. 

Henley Beach SA

Dearest Ainsley,

My dear, sweet girl – longer hair is only a Raquel Welch hairpiece away, and I should know. You can smother your scalp with many a promise in a bottle but truth be known – artificial stand-ins are your only true hope of acquiring the luscious locks of your dreams. Just to be certain, that, in fact, there was not some miracle oil from an exotic locale that yours truly has never heard of (what are the chances), I ran it by my trusty hairdresser of many years – Maurice, and this is what he said:
“Wouldn’t that be amazing if there were such a product? From my time at hairdressing university, I learnt that it’s blood flow that makes the hair grow faster. What does that mean you may ask? The more active you are the faster your hair grows. Generally, in the summer you hair will grow faster than in the winter because you are likely to be more active – more movement of the body means more blood-flow, so more blood nourishes the Matrix (the Matrix is where each strand of hair grows from). Brushing your hair with a scalp stimulating brush, having daily scalp massages and massaging the shampoo and conditioner into your scalp really well are three ways to get the blood flowing faster, which in turn, and it has been scientifically proven, will make your hair grow faster.” 
He lost me at “Matrix” I’m afraid. Awful film. I hope this has been of some assistance.


Aunt Glam
P.S. Do drop me a line if you have found someone to massage your scalp daily. I want his number.

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