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Dearest Glammies, apologies for being out of commish lately but I’ve been travelling with the hub on our much anticipated European jaunt. (He wouldn’t let me bring my laptop so I’ve been suffering the non-blog friendly Ipad ever since -grrr).

We barely survived an Emirates Economy flight to London via Dubai (FYI: catching a 6am flight and getting to the airport at 3am having not slept is a BAD idea). And I do find Economy air travel so very soul destroying. I mean you are really faced with the grim reality of your present socio-economic status. Yes, sure, I am grateful that I have the means to actually board the plane but bloody hell, why can’t I be travelling Business Class!

What really hurts is that I have this deep sense of being shafted; that there’s been a mix up on the way – I should be in one of the cosy reclining air-pods drinking champagne on arrival instead of herded to the back of the plane with staff treating you like you’re just a total pain in the arse -like your request for a glass of water will quite possibly be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Not of course forgetting the horror of scrunching your body in a restricted seat for 14 hrs straight. Quelle horreur!
But let’s talk about London – what a city! There’s the intimate tube journeys of a morning than can really work for or against you, as your entire body is pressed against a stranger; the crowds – where the hell did all these people come from – Oxford st on any given moment was teaming with what seemed to be the entire population of Sydney and talking about the people: The Gene Pool – I encountered more good looking people than I can remember, and I don’t know if it’s just post Olympics but these good looking people were all exceptionally friendly and helpful. London seemed to be still blushing with pride from it’s recent festivites – the hangover of celebration was palpable.
Shopping: Unfortunately we had just missed the summer sales and it was all about winter which is a bit hard to get my head around as we are heaading into a hot Sydney summer. However, I didn’t let that stop me.
Zara: In Sydney we seem to be obsessed with Zara when abroad. Yes we now have one in our own city but “it’s not the same as the one in London”. Some great stuff but again, mostly for winter.Compromised and bought a leapard print shirt for 35 pounds. My friend didn’t even know I was wearing a new shirt due to the anount of leopard print I already own.
Boots: This is a mecca for all beauty and toiletry needs. It seriously is bursting with product. I would have loved to spend more time there. However, I did pick up a rather handy waterproof, long-wear Eyeshadow Pencil by Bourjois in a lovely burgundy brown that I’ve been throwing around the eye-holes.
Liberty: A stunning old-worldly department store with everything merchandised to perfection.
After working on a cosmetics floor, I am now very sensitive to fragrance, finding most to be absolutely gut-wrenching. But I did discover in Liberty the most exquisite perfume: Bouche Baie by Nez a Nez – transports me back to the summer of my youth. Delicious.
Primrose Hill: What a lovely little spot to visit. Not a shopping mecca but quaint and gorgeous. There is a great shop there called Pamela Shiffer where I purchased the world’s most comfortable jeans by Amazing Woman (designed for the curvy ones), a stunning top and flashy navy patent leather belt (photo coming soon). I had spent a large part of the afternoon holed up in change rooms all over town squeezing myself in ill-fitting jeans. When these just slid on and I could breath whilst wearing them – it was a total no-brainer. Have worn them ever since.
Marks and Spencers: While I search the department stores of Sydney (Myers and DJs) wearily for sexy and comfortable underwear in my size – Marks ‘n Sparks is literally bulging (pardon the pun) with lovely underwear for the full-figured lass. And cheap to boot.
Top Shop: Full of lots of crap clothes (sorry Top Shop) but some great jewellery. Many fine statement pieces from a variety of different designers. Now suffering jewellery regret as I didn’t get back there to buy several tasty necklaces. Well, there’s always Paris.
The Most Comfortable Shoes in the World: Even though I am partial to glamour, I am a stickler for a comfortable shoe as I’m not pretty in heels after a few Kir Royales. So, I found The Most Comfortable Shoes at The Natural Shoe Store Neal st Covent Garden – and they’re not too bad on the eyes either. By Loints of Holland – they literally hug my feet. Time to bid farewell to the “Susan Boyles” (previous walking shoe).
Food: Staying with foodie friends means a jolly good foodie time. We ate amazing red velvet cupcakes from Hummingbird in Soho, strawberry and green tea gateaux from Lanka in Primrose Hill, incredible Spanish tapas at Barrafina Soho, delicious curries from Cha Cha Moon also in Soho, awesome Japanese from Cafe Japan in Golders Green, roof-top cocktails at Koya Soho and finally the pub meal to end all pub meals – The Sportsman – a one Michelin star pub in Seasalter Whitstable (nearly 2hrs from London near a “beach”). It was by far the best meal of my stay with pork-belly to die for and a chocolate mousse with salted caramel that made me silent (that’s right – silent) with ecstasy.
This trip was never going to be good for the waist-line…
Stay tuned for my next post – Bath.

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