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IMG_5399-300x300While perched on a roof-top bar, imbibing beverages with my lovely friend on a steamy Friday evening, I glanced at my dear companion and couldn’t help but to notice that she indeed had become quite the hot mess. Foundation was now just a grimy coating of sweat and muck, eye makeup – bleary; hardly a remnant of the blush I had meticulously applied on her some hours earlier – all-in-all: untidy. It wasn’t until I sauntered to the bathroom, that I realised, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

I too looked like a complete catastrophe. My face all clammy and blotchy, sans lipstick, and yes, I’ll use that word again: untidy.

So how does one keep her cool in such perilous circumstances: alcohol, humidity and the wear and tear of socialising? I mean, isn’t it these very times that one should look her polished best?

The truth is, the face you apply pre-event is not the one you will be sporting several drinks and canapés down the track. Maintenance is the key.

Here are my latest favourite products that are small enough to throw in the clutch but will keep you looking suspiciously fresh throughout the whole do.20151012_152703

First things first when pulling it all together after a few bevs, is cleaning up blot_sidebyside-1excess oils and run-away eye make-up. This is why *Blotterazzi by Beauty Blender is a total clutch bag essential. Its perfectly shaped tear-drop sponge likes to absorbs the grime that has now formed a greasy film on your face, without disturbing make-up, and it’s pointy end can also tidy up migrating eye make-up perfectly. Plus, it’s contained in a snappy mirrored compact that you can use for your entire touch-up.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANudestix is ALL your touch-up and car-make-up fantasies in one clutch-sized pencil. In a nutshell: *Nudestix are make-up crayons for your face that contain just enough colour to keep you looking your natural best. Why not throw in a Concealer Pencil to tidy up pesky blemishes that have now come to light? Also, the peepholes – they too may need a freshen up with the fantastic Sheer Eye Color Pencil. There are several colours to choose from, however, you cannot go past Bronze to whack around the lash line for come-hither smokiness. And let’s not forget about a smidge of colour on the cheeks with Dual Lip/Cheek Pencil that blends easily over the cheek cushions with a sheer colour pay-off (not forgetting the handy option of lip colour – I do love a dual-end). Hello whole face revived with a few flicks of a pencil!

Making sure your lips look hydrated and dewy is also imperative in looking seductive, s1694835-main-hero-300intelligent and interesting (but please don’t quote me on this). So, even if I had started the event with a stronger lip colour, which naturally I’ll bring with me, more often than not, when it comes to drinking, eating and talking (much mouth movement) it’s *Sephora’s Kiss Me Balm that I’ll be reaching for. In a perfect pucker-up dome-shape, with a hint of colour, loads of moisture and deliciously fragranced, you’ll maintain your hotness without leaving a lipstick trail behind you.

Other useful tools: eye-drops to disguise one too many Champagnes, mints to mask the smell of Peking Duck Pancakes. And of course, cash – to get home in good time before the wheels well and truly fall off.

Because Glammies, when the jig is up, there is no better place than home.

*Available at Sephora.


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