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IMG_20141027_150817The quest for the perfect foundation is an undertaking that really does continue for most of your adult life. I mean one week you’re in love with a new foundie; it’s the one; it’s perfect – yet soon it’s underperforming and you want something new. Very much like marriage (joking honey). But unlike marriage, you CAN and SHOULD try something new as there are many exciting fresh options just around the corner.

Enter Josie Maran Argan Tinted Moisturizer. Now, without boring you with the benign details of my skin of late (we really shouldn’t bring up the P word), it’s safe to say that the different things I’ve done to exterminate my pigmentation – Fraxel, active creams and the like, has left my skin discoloured and sometimes very surface dry. Boring! So, it seemed that although I needed coverage for the P-word that we won’t talk about because my friend’s said I wasn’t allowed to, I also needed a foundation that was dewy because of the crackliness left from an active skincare regime.20141027_131609

I’ve been using Josie Maran for 10 days now and I’m already quite smitten. Here’s the dealio:

What is it: A PABA free tinted moisturizer with natural sun protection of SPF 30. Ingredients include delishy natural oils like pomegranate and of course Argan and other plant based extracts.

Coverage: It’s a rich cream product, which is very emollient. Yet it does provide some coverage, and definitely more than your average tinted moisturizer.

Colour: Getting the right colour is always half the battle. I am Light 2. And this seems to suit my light olive complexion. The colour range appears to be good.

Wearability: Because of the main ingredient of pure 100% Argan oil, it feels great on the dial. And gives your skin a fresh dewy, healthy look.  So much so, I have not been topping up the coverage of my pigmentation with any other concealer like product. It’s not terribly longwearing and wouldn’t be the go if you were oily. But perfect if you want a pick-me-up foundation that hydrates with an array of natural oils. To pro-long the wear and to set its dewy ways; I sweep a pressed powder down my T-Zone with a soft haired brush.


I also love that Josie Maran is committed to creating make-up that not only feels and looks amazing but also is earth friendly and socially responsible. She works with suppliers that use ingredients and packaging that minimize our impact on the earth. Plus her passion is empowering women – their main ingredient of Argan oil is sourced from all-female cooperatives in Morocco. 

With such beauty that’s not just skin deep, maybe we can last the distance?

To see more of the fabulous Josie Maran make-up range,  visit a Kit store in Myers.






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