I’m The Glow Beauty Vlogger Idol Finalist!

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Glam friends, if you are not already aware, I am one of the 10 finalists for The Glow’s Beauty Vlogger Idol competition. And I’m really quite chuffed about it. The prize is a 12-week contract with The Glow producing beauty videos, so it’s right up my alley. Not that you could tell if you read my accompanying bio/blurb. Hello! Did someone forget to mention her You Tube Channel, this beauty blog or really ANYTHING mentionable about herself? Maybe.

Aleesa Hall Headsho v 1 tWhat is it with bios? I just can’t write them. My first draft included my love of planning holidays and drinking Champagne before my wise friend scrapped the lot. Then there was #headshotgate. Thanks to my pal Normie from By Normie who came to the rescue. He does love playing with photographic equipment and a blow dryer – really, the perfect combination. Shooting the actual video was by far the easy part.IMG_20150611_132929

On the first day the competition went live, a week ago now (so only ONE MORE WEEK TO VOTE), I remember feeling excited but then a quiet panic crept over me. Naturally, I wanted to check out my fellow finalists, to see what I was up against. And to my horror, most of their videos featuring the theme Crazy in Love had graphics and some even location shots! Ewww mah gahd! And, then there was the slow start of sharing. My page was initially shared the least. Arrrhhhggg! Then it occurred to me: what if the approximately 12 people who had just told me they voted, were the only ones who would vote at all! I felt very much like Julia Gillard in The Killing Season. The parallels were uncanny – I mean, clearly, the world of competitive beauty vlogging was unravelling to be just bruuuutal.BVI Finalist Aleesa

Well, with one week to go friends, please check out my vid on how-to do a fetching date look using some fab Dove and Australis products. http://www.theglow.com.au/hair-and-nails/beauty-vlogger-idol/aleesa-hall/

imagesI’m now using the Australis Mega Lash mascara everyday; it really is budge-proof, yet comes off easily when you take off your make-up. Perfect. The AC On Tour Contouring and Highlighting Palette has joined the illustrious pride of place in the car! Yep, I can apply a full face – no not when I’m images-2driving, but possibly at the lights. And only my most trusty go-to products make it to the vehicle. Dove Pure Care Dry Oil has also joined the ranks of the hair-care drawer, and I like to apply said oil to the wet locks for more manageable, silken waves.

Well Glams, wish me luck (and why not vote and share). Voting closes Wednesday 5th July.










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