How To Wear Coloured Eyeliner

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I’m a lover of eyeliner. There, I said it. Because with the strategic flick of a kohl pencil, your peepholes can become all alluring-like, and people will find themselves staring into them longingly (well maybe not all the time – that could be creepy). Many of the latest eyeliners are also long-wearing, no more all-nighter eyes for you by the end of a day, and come in a variety of fabby colours.

Like so many new ventures in life, the thought of using a coloured eyeliner can be enticing yet scary. How does one add a little colour along that lash-line without looking like she is working at a Helena Rubenstein counter circa 1986?

Here are some tips and tricks for your perusal:

Jana: I’ve applied MAC Minted Eyeliner just under the lower lash-line of (fellow Glammie) Jana’s lovely peepholes. The rest of her eye make-up, I’ve kept fresh. Ditto to base, cheeks and lips. The coloured eyeliner is the real star here.

Tip: Always have a small, CLEAN (yes, brushes need to be washed regularly, or your eye make-up will be a murky mess) brush on hand when applying eyeliner. This is to soften or correct line if need be. Because few people can apply a perfect line. Fake it till you make it.

Kara: I employed the same technique to Kara’s lovely peeps. Featuring MAC Petrol Blue Pearlglide Eyeliner, I’ve applied it just under her lash-line with minimal make-up on the lid. Just a little contouring of the eye in a natural, warm brown.

Tip: For his look, avoid contouring your eye-lid socket in the same colour as eyeliner. I.e. if you use blue eyeliner, avoid lashings of blue eye-shadow. That’s when the wheels can well and truly fall off. With the likelihood that you will look like you’re touring RSLs in an ABBA revival band. Which is totally fine if that’s your life choice. But if not, just stick to a sweep of bronzer or other natural tones on the lid.

What about if you really want to lift your foot off the brake and just go there with a full lid of colour? (Like the purple eye make-up that I did for Sonia Kruger recently featuring Designer Purple Pearlglide Eyeliner .)

Tip: Add the desired colour on the lid in the colour family of the eyeliner (e.g. Crystal MAC eye shadow on the lid and even deeper purple shades in the outer corner), but STILL complete the look with a sweep of warm or taupe brown in the socket. This will bring it together nicely and finish off your coloured eye to a professional standard. All the other kids will be talking about your artistry for days.

Not ready for a vibrant colour but want to try something different to your average brown or black eyeliner? Maybe something a little on the smoky side? You’re speaking my language. Personally I love to whack on a little metallic bronze (MAC Teddy) or antique gold (MAC Powersurge) but have recently fallen in love with MAC Black Line Pearlglide Eyeliner. If you’re like me and are partial to inner eyeliner  –  this is quite perfect. Sits well in that water-line, can be easily reapplied and in a fetching colour with its dark tones and gold flecks. Stop it I love it.

Get that colour all around the lash-line and make sure there are no gaps between the liner and lid. When I see girlies who have crudely applied liner and there is a flash of exposed eye-lid between lash-line and said liner, I cry inside. This is the cardinal rule of eyeliner application – no gaps! Sharpen that pencil and drag it along the lash line in small strokes if need be. Get your clean brush and smudge/tidy line to your liking. Be careful that there is not too much product accumulated in the inner corner of eyes as this generally is unflattering. Start eyeliner in the middle of lash-line and work out. Apply with an extra-sharpened point to the inner corners in a fine line. Et voila, you are now a goddess with smouldering eyes. Who knew?

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